Reasons for regular sex

Sex is not only pleasurable and makes you feel closer to your soul mate. If a girl does not want to have sex, here are 20 reasons that will push a girl to intimacy.“Sex is like money. Just too much is enough”

Regular sex is the guarantee of a healthy, happy and successful life. Why should you have sex regularly?

Reasons for regular sex

1. Sex rejuvenates. Regular sex slows down the aging process. Men and women look and feel 6-8 years younger.

2. Sex improves self-esteem. Sex improves self-esteem and boosts confidence. Which is good for the quality of life.

3. Sex lengthens life. If you had sex today, you are 50% less likely to die from medical problems than those who do it once a month.

4. Sex increases attractiveness. An active sex life causes the body to produce pheromones. This makes a person more attractive to the opposite sex.

5. Sex fights depression. Sex increases the amount of good mood hormones.

6. Sex smoothes wrinkles. Estrogen is produced during sex. Why do you need Botox injections if there are pleasant lovemaking?

7. Sex fights stress. Hugging in sex helps to cope with stress in life.

8. Sex improves productivity. Regular sex makes a person more active, enterprising and successful.

9. Sex reduces PMS pain. Regular sex reduces pain in premenstrual syndrome. This is good news for girls.

10. Sex protects against diseases. Sex improves immunity. Sex prevents colds and flu by increasing antibody levels.

11. Sex makes the skin "radiant". Sex improves the generation of the skin, gives it radiance and a healthy glow.

12. Sex burns calories. This is the most enjoyable exercise for weight loss.

13. Sex prevents a heart attack. Sex reduces the risk of heart disease and prevents heart attacks.

14. Sex improves the genitourinary system. Regular exercise in bed will help to avoid problems with urination.

15. Sex relieves headaches. Now you know what to offer a girlfriend with a sore head.

16. Sex helps with insomnia. Sex promotes relaxation and better sleep.

17. Sex reduces the risk of prostate disease. Sex makes the chances of developing prostate cancer minimal.

18. Sex regulates blood pressure. Sex brings blood pressure back to normal.

19. Sex strengthens the bones. Testosterone increases during sex and this strengthens the bones of men. Estrogen helps women.

20. Sex improves mood. Regular sex improves a person's mood and makes life brighter.

Now you know that regular sex is not a whim, but a vital necessity. So you can talk to your girlfriend.