real courage

You probably won't have to fight a bear or kill enemies. What does it mean to be brave in today's world? How does courage and courage affect a man's life? All people in the world can be divided into two types: brave and cowards. You do not have to show courage and courage like distant ancestors. No need to kill the bear or fight the enemy, although the latter has a chance. In the modern world, you will be given other challenges, but everything depends on how you accept them. Why is the most important thing that a man needs to have is courage and courage? What is the difference between brave people and cowards in today's world?

Real courage

Everyone on the planet has certain ambitions and wants to achieve his own. But it is at this moment that cowards and brave people can be identified. Courageous people make every effort to rise. But cowards do it differently. They pull others down to make themselves look taller.

Are you a coward or a brave one? Test

1. Criticism and sarcasm. Many people like to criticize and discuss others. They make fun and use sarcasm to make themselves feel great. Cowards try to lower other people in order to appear taller. Brave people don't care.

2. Gossip. Weak and cowardly people gossip, trying to show that others are also bad. Cowards cannot rise on their own, so they gossip, trying to show their imaginary superiority.

3. Prejudice. Prejudice and prejudice are common to weak people. Cowards believe that everything in the world is predetermined. They are small people and nothing depends on them. Cowards do not want to do anything and are afraid to go against the current. Courageous people face challenges and take action.

The real courage of a modern man lies in how you accept the challenges of life. You fight them or pretend that the others are doing even worse. Are you a coward or a brave one? [nineteen].