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Real adventure

We all grew up with movies, computer games and adventure books. We dreamed when we were adults to be heroes, travelers and cosmopolitans. But where is all this? Where are the adventures, world travels and exciting experiences?

We sit in offices, work tirelessly and live a "gray" life. Adventure is something we have undeservedly forgotten. What will we remember in old age? About a new phone, tablet, jacket, or another pair of shoes? We will remember adventures, travels around the world and exciting experiences that are not related to everyday life.

It's time to get out of your routine and get out of your comfort zone before you retire and die. Time to bring back the adventure. Go beyond the ordinary, guarantees of security and imaginary happiness.

Real adventures

1. Climb the mountain

The only thing better than mountains is mountains you haven't been to. Familiar words? There are no words that can explain the feelings of a person standing at the very top. Start with small mountains and this passion will stay with you forever.

2. Go Rafting

Join the rafting team. Rafting on rivers and canals on inflatable boats will give you a lot of new impressions and sensations. You will see the water element from a different angle.

3. Find out what camping is

Camping is a type of tourism associated with living in tents, camps and campers. Interested?

4. Surf

Riding a wave on special surfboards not only looks impressive. These are new emotions, sensations and freedom. Catch your wave

5. Skydive

Many people do this at least once in their lives. And you? Take courage and get off the ground. Then you can proudly tell other less courageous comrades about it.

6. Road trip

Do not think about the destination, the path and the details of the journey. Trust your intuition and hit the road. Where will the road and curiosity take you? Collect the minimum necessary things and go! You can travel by private car or bus.

7. Ride a bike

The fashion for bicycles only continues to gain momentum. Gather a group of friends and get out into nature. Mountain bikes allow you to get so far that it will be unforgettable. In addition to the bicycle, there are roller skates, skateboards and other light vehicles.

8. Try diving

The deep sea will be glad to receive another explorer. Equipment can be bought or rented. Submerge underwater and start your story underwater. Explore the seabed in search of sunken ships, planes and cities!

9. Ride a horse

There are not only walks and riding lessons in horse breeding. There are tourist tours in beautiful areas. Imagine yourself a traveler from the past, when horses were the only means of transportation.

10. Get on a snowboard or ski

Downhill skiing from snowy slopes and mountains is unforgettable. Learn to ride and become a pro! To hell with fear!

11. Explore

Try to find Napoleon's treasure or something simpler. Explore the land of old villages, look for coins and treasures.

12. Change job

Change job or field of activity. Life is too short to waste it on unnecessary and unloved things. Try to realize yourself and make your dreams come true.

13. Travel

Don't stay at home. The UN consists of 193 member states and 2 observer states. In reality, there are a few more countries. How many of them have you been to? How many? You have been to Italy, China, France, Cuba, USA, India, Thailand, Norway, Ethiopia…

True adventures are not movies and computer games in childhood. This is what happens when you step outside of your routine. Buy yourself a GoPro action camera or camera. Capture the best moments of your life and share them on YouTube. True adventures are traveling all over the world. Get your butt off the couch. Real adventures are waiting for you!

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