Rating of popular sexual fantasies of women

Not only men fantasize about sex, but women do too. Almost a third of women indulge in sexual dreams daily. The most favorite erotic scenes of women are the following sex fantasies.

Nearly a third of women have lustful daydreams daily, and another 46% at least once a week. The most favorite erotic stories of Russian women turned out to be easy submission (20%) and sex in an unusual place (17%), but intimacy with a celebrity unexpectedly fell into the last line of the rating (3%) - their beloved remains the main character of intimate dreams of compatriots (60%). A new study by the international network "Training Center SEX. RF" has dispelled common misconceptions about women's sexual fantasies.

Contrary to popular stereotype, most women also think “about it”. 46% of survey participants admitted that sexual fantasies visit them at least once a week, and another 32% indulge in pleasant thoughts daily. 15% manage to immerse themselves in intimate dreams once or twice a month, and only 7% even less often.

The most desired female plot turned out to be easy submission - 20% of respondents most often imagine themselves in the role of a “slave”. It is followed by sex in an unusual place (17%) and intimacy with a very attractive man (15%). Fourth place in the ranking was occupied by threesomes (13%), and role-playing games (11%) and sex with a stranger (9%) close the list of popular fantasies. The most unclaimed scenarios included the role of "mistress" (5%), as well as sex with a woman or a celebrity (3% each).

In general, in their fantasies, the majority of Russian women remain faithful to their beloved - in 60% of respondents, the main character of dreams is their chosen one. 18% admitted that they mostly represent male acquaintances, 15% - strangers and less than 1% - celebrities.

At the same time, only 44% of women decide to tell their partner about their fantasies. 21% prefer to share them with friends, and 35% keep them to themselves. It is curious that men are silent about the secret even more often (38%), and in a quarter of cases - because of the fear of offending their beloved. However, 62% of respondents are aware of the dreams of their boyfriends, and only 2% of them are not interested in them.

Despite the fact that, according to ladies, women's and men's fantasies often do not coincide (48%), the majority are sure that it is better for partners to bring them to life (80%). 68% of women tried to realize the desires of their beloved, and 65% managed to successfully fulfill theirs. Another 4% admitted that such an experience was unsuccessful for them, and most often ended badly in experiments based on BDSM, sex with a stranger and, unexpectedly, intimacy with an “ideal” man.

In general, women think that the more they have sex, the more they fantasize about it (55%). However, the statistics confirmed this only partially: in addition to ladies with an intense intimate life, among the most active “dreamers” were those who manage to do “this” at best once a month. At the same time, women aged 45-55, workers in the fields of education and science, production and construction, indulge in intimate dreams more often than others.

- The study once again dispelled the common myth that sexual fantasies are the prerogative of the stronger sex. But the proportion of couples who openly talk about their desires looks alarming, because isolation is a direct path to misunderstanding and dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the indiscriminate embodiment of any of their desires is also unsafe. The implementation of some scenarios, the same BDSM, requires some preparation, otherwise such games threaten not only disappointment, but also injury. Intimacy in unusual places may not lead to orgasm, but to the police station. And a threesome, although it is one of the most popular fantasies of men and even attracts some women, threatens to cause serious discord in a couple. Seekers of such thrills should still resort to softer alternatives - toys "for two" or special techniques that only imitate the presence of a third, - comments Ekaterina Lyubimova, a leading Russian sex coach and founder of an international network.