Quick guide to quick sex

Most of us would rather have a quick sex than a long one. In a swift intimate act, sex turns out to be more vivid and impressive. How to have quick sex or quickie?


When you open a romance novel, the multi-page descriptions of flirting and sexual intros are exciting. In real life, one of the partners has no, no, and the mental “Well, are you there soon?”. And the work of sex scientists confirms that most of us would prefer sex that lasts less than fifteen minutes, including all those kisses and foreplay.

Sounds quite reasonable. Firstly, in a swift intimate act, both have much less tension on the topic of “being on top”, which means that sex often turns out to be brighter than the usual long one. Secondly, the excitement is so strong that it does not have time to go through all the wave-like stages, either increasing or decreasing - you catch it at its peak.

To make your “quicks”, as they say in America, go with a bang, try using the following tricks.

Kiss without shame or embarrassment

body. The production of pleasure hormones is immediately launched, which increase sexual desire. This is how sex therapist and PhD Patty Britton explains the importance of kissing in a popular way.

And we will rephrase. Kiss as passionately as if you haven't seen your partner for six months! Your energy will instantly be transferred to him, and from him back to you. Then, putting yourself in order after ten minutes of stormy love, you will be perplexed: what made you both completely lose your head? Ordinary but magical kisses!

Do not undress

Do not waste precious minutes undressing. Pull off only what prevents you from merging together, pull up the hem and lower your trousers and jeans. Poses for situations when you can't wait, not one or two, but many more, even if there is no large comfortable bed nearby.

And the fact of undernudity itself is very exciting. The idea that you want each other so much that you have no time to undress turns on worse than erotic videos.

Change your position

Five minutes of quick foot-to-head sex is unlikely to make either of you go nuts with pleasure. What about in a washing machine? On the kitchen table? On the carpet in the nursery while the child is not at home? How?! Have you tried anywhere but the bedroom and shower stall yet? Ugliness! Urgently have sex where you want it.

A new environment will certainly excite and inflame your lust at cosmic speed. Especially if you can be caught, for example, by the parents you came to visit. But even in a safer environment, when you are alone at home, the new surroundings more than compensate for the possible inconvenience: if you desperately want "right here and now", you will not care how hard the surface is under your bodies.

Think 18+

When you do your best to get aroused as quickly as possible, the brain helps you with the right pictures. Think dirty! Let your fantasies be as obscene as you can afford. No one will know about them anyway, so if you understand that quick sex is possible now, turn on the mental video scroll and imagine yourself with even Brad Pitt, even with Angelina Jolie - if only the blood would immediately rush to the lower abdomen.

Even if you're almost doing that "quickie" in your marital bedroom, no one bothers you to imagine that you are on a tropical beach or in the bathroom of a nightclub.

Comment on your actions

Oh, how many talk during sex! And if it came to quickly tearing off clothes and feverishly unbuttoning unyielding buttons and zippers, then obscene language is perfectly used. And she hoo as excites!

Tell your partner exactly how you want them. Whisper what you will do with him in half a minute. Express your intentions with whatever words come out of your mouth. Swearing under the fence is good not only at a construction site, but also in bed! Even, we dare to say, here it fulfills a high mission - it brings together two people striving for each other.

Postcoital, or Epilogue

The main thing in quick sex, of course, is to focus on each other. That's where you need the utmost concentration on the desires of a partner and your own at the same time. One will start - the other will react with excitement. And leave long strokes and flirting for later, when, relaxed and peaceful, you find yourself on the floor of the hallway.