Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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Questions to yourself that give correct and unexpected answers

To find the right answers, you need to ask the right questions. Asking a question in time helps you understand yourself, makes you happier and pushes you towards a dream. The right question can bring order to your thoughts and radically change your life for the better. Sometimes there comes a moment when you need to ask questions not to someone, but to yourself. All the necessary answers are hidden in you, you just need to find the key to the doors. Take at least a couple of minutes for each question and write the answers in a notebook. You seem to take off your rose-colored glasses, because the answers will be unexpected and truthful.

Questions to myself

1. Am I spending my money, time and energy in the right way?

2. What good and bad habits do I have?

3. Do I really need all these things, objects and goals?

4. What do I want to achieve in the coming years, what do I dream about and where do I aspire to?

5. What can you do today to achieve your goal after some time?

6. What kind of people should and shouldn't be in my life?

7. What do I regularly do wrong and what do I do right?

8. What do you need and what is missing to feel happy to the fullest?

9. What do I want to be in the future and how do I want to look?

10. What will I do after reading these questions?

The questions are simple, but they will give 95% of the answers to your life. This can serve as a turning point for you, which will open the way to your dream. [thirteen].