Qualities of an alpha male

Many men can “wake up” the alpha male in themselves, it is enough to develop some qualities that allow them to compete and win on an equal footing with the powers that be. Don't be afraid when you're alone, be afraid when you're zero!

The general belief that the alpha male is gloomy, arrogant, selfish, aggressive and extremely attractive to the fair sex is wrong. The alpha male does not intimidate others and does not try to establish himself at the expense of other beta males. He has sufficient strength and natural qualities to maintain the status of an alpha male.

The alpha male is the dominant individual in the pack, and the letter alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, meaning dominance. Alpha is the head of the pack and gets used to being responsible for everyone, and all females belong to him.

There is nothing sadder to watch when ordinary men try to take a place far from them as an alpha male. An attempt to establish itself in the place of a leader, without having a foundation behind it, will end sooner or later in failure.

How to become an alpha male?

Someone will say that you don't become an alpha male and everything is predetermined at birth, but this is not entirely true. There are two types: male urethral leader and male cutaneous leader. The first leader is born, and the second is trying to become one. Many men can “wake up” the alpha male in themselves, it is enough to develop some qualities that allow them to compete and win on a par with the powers that be.

The main rule of an alpha male is to have behind him the qualities that allow him to claim leadership. Sometimes these qualities coincide with such types of men as "real man" or "retrosexual".

The qualities of an alpha male must be constantly “pumped”:

  • confidence
  • independence
  • perseverance in achieving the goal
  • responsibility and dedication
  • authority and respect
  • conflict tolerance
  • charisma
  • charm
  • the ability to stand up for more than just oneself
  • composure
  • a fairly high level of intelligence
  • spiritual firmness
  • developed muscles
  • endurance
  • courage
  • sense of humor
  • lack of fear and increased emotionality
  • high testosterone levels
  • ability to take matters into their own hands

Alpha male and the fair sex

In order to live life wisely, you need to know a lot, Remember two important rules to start: You'd better starve than eat anything, And it's better to be alone than with by anyone. Omar Khayyam.

Women choose the best representatives of the stronger sex, everything else is a compromise.

The attitude of the alpha male to the fair sex decides the further relationship itself, how you act and behave with the girl, so everything will be.

Feel like a Man. Did you notice that this word is capitalized? Women need a strong shoulder, and they cannot stand weaklings, and even more so cowards. No less than girls do not like "stuck", which are dragged after them and persistently pursue.

Do not attach too much weight to outward relationships and do not show excessive affection. Rapprochement should excite you a little more than her. You are no worse or better than her. She is interested in your favor, and to get it from you, she will have to try a little.

There are many women, and you are alone, do not dwell on one and sometimes remind yourself of this. Some men attach a lot of importance to a certain girl, not noticing no less wonderful beauties. Many girlfriends and just familiar girls will give confidence and allow you to look at the world more broadly.

But we don't say date everyone. Is your girlfriend with you and is everything okay? Then great! If not, then there are a dozen curly girls to lay eyes on and hand on. When other girls need you, your soul mate needs you too.

Hard work has made a man out of a monkey, and high social status attracts women. We don't really believe in Darwin, but that's not the point. Become successful! I think you've seen people with beautiful girls curling around them and hopefully you've seen the same in the mirror.

Alpha males are distinguished by inner freedom, they do not try to appear as someone they are not, they are moderately selfish, direct in their desires, real in themselves, their goals and instincts. People around feel it, and especially women who are attracted like a magnet.