Qualities necessary for survival

At all times, a person needed a different set of qualities in order to most effectively adapt to the existing reality. What qualities does a person need in difficult extreme times, if there is a crisis, epidemic, quarantine, conflict, war or other emergency situations on the street?

The world is constantly changing, and man is constantly evolving and adapting to his new appearance. It is not the strongest or smartest who survive and achieve their goal, but the most flexible and plastic ones.

Evolution confirms that the weak lose to the strong, the brave lose to the cautious, and the honest lose to the cunning. A person who knows how to adapt to a new situation as quickly as possible always comes out the winner.

You can't change the world, but you can become a chameleon. What qualities do you need to have in order to survive in difficult or emergency times?

Qualities necessary for a person to survive

1. Do not go too far where flexibility, plasticity and caution are needed.

2. Eat breakfast yourself, eat lunch yourself, and eat dinner yourself. It is not known whether they will feed tomorrow at all.

3. Morality, prejudice and rules often lead to the fact that you lose to those who do not have it.

4. Once again keep your head down and avoid testing your luck. Luck may not be on your side. Sit in a safe and warm place.

5. Work for those who pay more and where there are better prospects. But remember that there are always more employers, and you are alone.

6. Never get personal or overthink. You never know when you'll have to cross again.

7. The world is unfair. Who is stronger is right.

8. Do not turn your back on enemies and do not tempt friends with an open back.

9. Always have a supply of food, money and valuables just in case. You will never regret it.

10. Money in the morning, chairs in the evening. Demand all the money or half in advance. Otherwise, it might not be.

11. Never get in the front rows. Kill or be extreme. Never be in the last rows. You will be late for the holiday and the buns, and in addition you will be guilty.

12. Always have a plan B, C and D in case the first one fails.

13. If there is an opportunity to get more money or something else, then ask for more.

14. Don't trust people. All have human vices. Never. Nobody. Do not trust.

15. The one who is ready for the worst possible situation survives. Naive, romantic, gullible and daredevils die first.

16. Be friends with those who are stronger than you and can give something. Avoid hanging out with the weak.

17. Do not expect direct danger when it is too late to rock the boat. Think over the ways of salvation in advance.

18. Be honest with yourself. Rose-colored glasses break glasses inside.

19. Do not offend even a “small” person in vain. Even he can stick a knife in the back figuratively or literally.

20. What quality is important for survival? Avoid dangerous places and situations. Don't take unnecessary risks. Don't go where trouble awaits you. You are not a kitten Woof.

21. Maintain reputation and authority. Sometimes you can only go to them.

22. Do not test friendship with money, power or a woman.

23. Move faster than others. While others are yawning, think. While others are thinking, act. While others are acting, get out on time.

24. Write down all thoughts and plans. Keep your head clear for new ideas and thoughts. Your weapon is the head.

25. Good food, good sleep, good money and the absence of unnecessary enemies improve life.

26. The work can always be done by another. You can hire another person, but for half your salary.

27. A princess with snow-white skin and lordly manners is more often a burden. Look for a fighting girlfriend.

28. Athletic uniform, the ability to run and fight will always come in handy. Therefore, keep yourself in good shape.

29. All the salt is in the little things. Many get caught or die precisely because of the inability to calculate the little things.


30. If there are resources, but there is no gun to protect them, then the resources go to the one who has it.

31. “War is war, but lunch is on schedule,” said the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm I. Don't let routine or principles take your bread away from you.

32. Always insure against unforeseen situations. If in doubt or intuition gnaws, then play it safe twice. Thrice.

33. Avoid by all means sharing your profits, property and supplies.

34. Do not perish yourself, and save your comrade. In the company of your people, it is easier to survive difficult and dark times.

35. If a problem can be solved with money, then it is a cost, not a problem.

36. If there is no dragon, but there is a princess or a treasure, then use your luck.

37. There is no need to bang your head against a closed door if there is an open window nearby.

38. There are different ways of sharing: equally, fairly, fraternally.

39. Do not attract the attention of a larger fish in vain, otherwise they will devour you. Do not attract the attention of even smaller fish. They will be devoured by a flock if you become familiar. Don't draw attention.

40. Never miss an opportunity to stretch, eat and sleep. Strong health and strong immunity will be pulled out where others break down.

41. Sometimes it's better to give up, sacrifice a little and move away than fight and lose everything.

42. Quality needed to survive in difficult times? Never deprive yourself of a loved one. Pay yourself or reward yourself first.

43. Sometimes it's good not to be taken seriously.

44. Don't be distracted by small profits if there is a big one ahead.

45. Good, bad, evil, fair. The only thing that matters is who has the gun and the strength. Well, if on your side.

46. Help those who will help you later, and will not trip you up.

47. Always think with your head before you act or say. Think a few steps ahead.

48. Never take someone else's. Make someone else's nobody. And then own as the finder.

49. Sometimes days or even minutes decide everything. A little hitch and you lost.

50. Usually they die because of naivety, greed and women.

51. Do not break laws, order, traffic rules. Why do you need more trouble?

52. Try to stay close to the kitchen, accounting and a warm place. And keep your ass out of adventure.

53. Everything in the world is bought. It's just a matter of price.

54. If you're dead, you've lost. Avoid losing at all costs or making it more likely.

55. Never give up and fight even in a hopeless situation where others give up. Then you will win where others lose.

You need all the qualities to survive. Why all? A strong chain is no stronger than its weakest link. If you are bad or pierce in one, then the whole chain breaks.

The world will never be the same, and values ​​will change. Evolution happens whether we want it to or not. Just the rudiments die off, and someone moves on. Evolution is a natural process of development of living nature. You cannot change a bad situation, but you can adapt to it and even use it to your advantage.

Good luck to everyone. It will definitely come in handy for you, as well as these qualities necessary for survival in any emergency. Good luck.