Pros of marriage for men

Single men should think about the proposal, but married men should rejoice. Marriage can be not only pleasant, but also useful.

Benefits of marriage for men.

Lots of happiness

Australian scientists guarantee it. And they call a record figure of 135% - that is how much, according to their data, a married man is happier than an unmarried man. Scientists themselves explain this by a more relaxed life and care that the lucky man periodically feels from his other half.

High salary

The University of Virginia is in touch: researchers there have calculated that married men earn 22% more than their single counterparts. Another American study (whose respondents, by the way, were naval officers) showed that having a wife is a powerful argument for a boss to move a man up the corporate ladder. So: if you want to make a career, urgently enter into a fictitious marriage.

Fewer problems

The US Department of Justice collected statistics on street crimes. And she sat down in surprise on a chair: single men are four times more likely to become victims of murder, robbery and rape. For some reason, street punks don’t covet married people; perhaps afraid of retribution.

Regular sex

In 2006, British researchers conducted a survey of men from 38 countries. The data is the same everywhere: married men around the world overtake unmarried men in terms of the amount of sex. The British are silent about the quality of sex, but we know that in skillful hands any woman instantly reaches the condition.

Photo: CarlosMendoza

Life without addictions

A happy marriage also helps protect you from alcohol and nicotine addiction: The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has drawn precisely these conclusions: male alcoholics and smokers are most often unmarried.

Less likely to get cancer

Another quite tangible plus of marriage is that divorced and single men die of cancer, respectively, 11 and 16 times more often than married men. Proven by Norwegian scientists in 2007. And in general, everything is fine with the life expectancy of those living in a legal marriage - specialists from the University of California studied experimental men for eight years. And they concluded that unmarried men were more likely to die during this period (about 88%).

No heart problems

As it turns out, marriage brings only health benefits - but only a happy marriage. Scientists from Utah (USA) found that people who married for love had an ideal level of blood pressure. And vice versa - the worst readings were for couples who were unhappy in marriage. It even got to the point that doctors forced especially unhealthy patients to divorce so that at least something was left of them.