Proposal for the Feast of Saint Oswald

Girls, prepare wedding dresses, and, men, tremble! Once every four years, on February 29, women themselves can kneel before a man and make a marriage proposal.

February 29 occurs only once every 4 years, but attention is paid to this day no less than to famous holidays. The probability of being born on February 29 is 1:1461.

In 46 BC Gaius Julius Caesar changed the reckoning, making three years 365, and one 366 days. The reason for this was the discovery of Alexandrian astronomers that the annual revolution of the Earth around the Sun is 365 days and 6 hours. To avoid a shift, Gaius Julius Caesar added 29 February. This system, called Julian, spread among all the peoples of the Roman Empire, and later throughout the world.

Many people fear leap years, believing that they only bring trouble, but this is all nonsense. After all, only one feast of St. Oswald is worth something! The most interesting thing is that once every 4 years, on the feast of St. Oswald, in English-speaking countries, unmarried girls can decide their own fate and make a marriage proposal to a man.

This tradition originated in Ireland. Tradition says that Saint Brigid of Ireland came to Saint Patrick and complained about the bitter lot of women in her monastery. They suffered from one-sided love and at the same time could not take the initiative in relationships. Only a man could make an offer, and a lady had to wait. St. Patrick agreed to the woman's initiative on the condition that she could only propose once every 4 years, i.e. February 29th.

In 1288 the Scottish lords passed a law making February 29 the day on which a woman has every right to propose to a man herself. The law said: "every lady who goes to woo, put on a bottom shirt made of scarlet flannel and so that its edge is clearly visible, otherwise the man will have to pay a fine for it." They were exempted from the fine only if the man was already engaged to another.

The reason for such a strange law was the military conflicts of that time, in which male knights died. While ladies of noble blood remained virgins, unable to take the initiative to the few remaining men, who were to their liking in the role of bachelors.

Gradually this tradition appeared in England, Denmark and some other European countries, but it did not have legal status, as in Scotland. But even there, no documents confirming this unusual law have been preserved.

Now on the day of St. Oswald in many European countries, girls can propose marriage to a man. How do girls propose to a man?

The owner of the Irish dating agency Rachel McGrath said that this tradition is very popular today. “One determined girl,” R. McGrath said, “brought a rock band to the hotel where her lover was staying. From a deafening serenade performed by the choir, not only her chosen one, but also all the guests of the hotel found out about her intention to marry. Obviously, it was simply impossible to refuse in such a situation. (ITAR-TASS)

It may seem strange to girls, but you should not be afraid to propose. If you really like a man, then why not? The results of a Gallup poll confirm that the chances of women to successfully propose on February 29 are as high as 94%!

On the theme of February 29, there is such an entertaining romantic comedy "Leap Year" or "How to get married in 3 days." American Anna Brady (Amy Adams) learns that in English-speaking countries, on February 29, a woman can propose to a man, and he has no right to refuse. The girl breaks down and goes to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend Jeremy. Along the way, she meets a grumpy Irishman, Declan O'Callaghan (Matthew Goode), who must help her reach her destination. What came out of this venture, you can find out by watching the movie "How to get married in 3 days."

It is really difficult for girls, they can only give hints to a man about the desire to tie the knot with his beloved. But once again, you will hear the story of how the girl herself proposed to the man. Girls on the feast of St. Oswald, everything is in your hands!

We advise girls not to get lost on February 29 and take fate into their own hands, because the next such day will be only in 4 years. Good luck girl! And good luck men on other days! [sixteen].