Primitive sexual relations

Scientists have observed the sexual behavior of chimpanzees and come to some interesting conclusions. The oldest profession is older than previously thought.

It turns out that the oldest profession is older than previously thought. Scientists at the German Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have been observing the sexual behavior of chimpanzees in the Ivory Coast for several years and have come up with several interesting findings:

1. Male chimpanzees who willingly shared hunting meat with females, much more often had sexual relations with them than their more greedy compatriots. Thus, there is an in-kind payment for sexual services.

2. The concept of prepayment is also not alien to the chimpanzee, that is, the male could treat his lady with meat, and use “access to the body” only after a couple of days.

3. Chimpanzees can share prey and have sexual intercourse with females not only during those periods when conception is possible. So monkeys are highly evolved enough to have sex for pleasure, not just for the satisfaction of basic instincts.

4. A male who regularly shares meat with the same female may have constant sexual relations with her - the so-called "regulars".

Females hunt very rarely, so this symbiosis of males and females is extremely mutually beneficial, because everyone gets what he needs.

Meat occupies a very important place in the diet of chimpanzees, as it is rich in proteins. Zookeepers for monkeys have to buy meat without fail.

Images: Bogdan Petry