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Prank of scammers: 31 tricks on phone scammers

Now, probably, there is no such person whom some scammers, swindlers and swindlers would not try to divorce on the phone. The main weapon against phone scammers is to prank them into a ridiculous situation. What to say to a scammer and how to play him instead of putting down a pipe?

It is usually difficult to find and punish swindlers, and there is no point in swearing, bickering, and making a fuss. The best option would be to repay the scammers with their own coin so that they are deceived. Now many advanced people are already arranging a competition to see who will play better or will fool the unfortunate swindler. Why don't you do the same?

When you get calls from fake bank employees, window installers, sellers of useless slag and other scammers, don't be scared. You can punish them in return by using the blanks that other pranksters use. Here's a list of prank scammers that will piss them off and make them nervous.

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How to prank scammers and phone scammers?

1. Speak quietly into the phone so that the scammer turns up the volume to the maximum. Then invite the swindler to write down your PIN code, and while he is listening carefully, put the phone in the pan himself, and then give him a real alarm by striking with a spoon. You can just shout loudly or bark into the phone. The crook will obviously not be happy with the deafening sound.

2. Start screaming in fear in Arabic or with a Caucasian accent. Usually all scammers get scared, fuss and hang up as soon as they hear such things.

3. Ask leading questions, clarify details, ask for nuances and be interested in other little things. Have a meaningless conversation with them until they realize that they themselves are bred like rabbits.

4. Say that you need to leave for five minutes and be sure to ask to wait. Then turn off the sound and go about your business.

5. Speak some words in Latin and promise to curse the whole family of the swindler up to the 7th generation, if he does not repent.

6. Be persistently interested in the real name of the interlocutor and promise to come to visit him in half an hour, or get him with your connections.

7. Use false information (numbers, surnames, codes) so that crooks write down useless data that will not be useful to them. Googling "Fake Name Generator" or "Identity Info Generator Online" on the Internet to get a person to write down complete nonsense.

8. Act like an old, dumb or narrow-minded person who does not understand the essence of the issue, forcing everything to be repeated a dozen times and asking meaningless questions. Phone scammers will initially be delighted to see easy prey, and then give up in annoyance.

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9. Say that the crook contacted the law enforcement phone, and now he is under the cap. Ask who he works for and how much he earns.

10. Pretend to be an answering machine, a robot, or a secretary to get the deceived crook to hang up first.

11. Start singing ridiculous songs to the phone scammer or reciting stupid poems. This usually causes them to quickly move off into the sunset.

12. Talk to the swindler very slowly and leisurely. Speak slowly, think long and question what you are doing right. Let phone swindlers seize kondrati from impatience.

13. Offer to stay on the line because you have received an important call. Make the loser scammer wait "on hold" for as long as possible.

14. Prank scammers can be in the direction of adult conversations. Start having heated conversations, moaning and saying obscenities so that the crook takes a back seat and dumps.

15. By naming a password, last name or giving other information, you can encrypt obscene words that you want to address to telephone scammers. What would you like to call these scammers?

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Well suited metal, which jams a telephone scammer. This is a great draw.

17. Say that the subscriber no longer exists or in the next world, as in the movie "Brother".

18. Ask the phone swindler if his mother knows who he has become, and how disappointed she is?

19. Tell the scammers. That your mother told you not to talk to strangers, and even more so with such curious jerks.

20. Speak all the time: “Ale, I can't hear you! You can repeat? Who? What?" Do this until the scammer loses his nerve.

21. Loop questions in your conversation with the words: “I see, but then what? Understandable, but then what? Sure, but then what?

22. Throw a ridiculous tantrum by screaming and squealing into the trumpet. Let the swindler himself be the times to escape.

23. Reverse the situation and offer the scammer something to buy, or call the number of his bank card.

24. Give your phone to a small child to say strange things or cry.

25. Learn a couple of phrases in Indian or other similar language to get the swindler to listen to various nonsense.

26. Tell them you're on the toilet pooping, but ask them not to hang up because you'll be free now. Now imitate the toilet: grunt, moan and fart.

27. Say that you need to make sure that you are not a scammer. Ask him to send you money on the card, since they have her number. But don't give out any information yourself.

28. Use extraneous sounds: the noise of a party, the sound of a drill, the rumble of a construction site, the crying of a child, the horns of cars in a traffic jam. Turn on the sound and carry on a languid conversation, as if you do not hear anything.

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29. Try to persuade scammers to join some ridiculous sect, assuring them to cleanse the dirt from the soul. Usually scammers quickly hang up the phone as soon as they hear about it.

30. Hit the swindler in a big point. Ask what he wanted to be as a child and who he became. This is usually a big annoyance of many crooks and scammers.

31. Say that you need to go get your bank card that was left in the car. Make the scammer hang on the phone for as long as possible.

Pranking scammers over the phone can be fun if you don't have time or want to laugh at unlucky scammers. Use jokes for phone scammers, but never fall for their bait yourself, do not give real information, do not install anything on your phone and do not go on about it. Pay phone scammers with their own coin.