Practice and theory in life: theory without practice is dead, practice without theory is blind

Why does something not work out and does not turn out the way you want? Usually there are only two reasons. Some people do not have enough knowledge and information, and for this reason they do not succeed. Others got too carried away with studying theory and waiting for the perfect moment, but never really put it all into practice.

Often the Russian commander Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov is credited with the following expression: "Theory without practice is dead, practice without theory is blind." In this wise quote lies the answer to many of the problems of people when they run into an invisible wall, in pursuit of their goals, ideas and dreams.

Practice and theory in life are the most important for self-realization. If one thing is lame, and you are zero in it, then no matter how hard you try in the second, then nothing will work out. It's like multiplying any number by zero, the result will be zero.

The links between theory and practice and life are pretty obvious if you look closely. The problem with people is that they often don't understand that one doesn't work without the other. You can read a lot of books and have enough knowledge, but without constantly testing your theories, you will never get anything.

Lack of practice and experience in life

Lack of practice and experience prevents us from testing our theories. You can consider a plan and an idea cool when in practice they turn out to be rather weak. Without practice, we cannot get our hands on it. After all, it is not in vain that people with already existing experience are often looking for work. For one beaten they give two unbeaten!

For this reason, many excellent students of the school and university are not at all where they dreamed. In real life, it is not enough to teach and know a lot, if all this is a bare theory.

It's like gaining knowledge in some profession, but not trying to apply it. It's like reading books about how beautiful pictures are, but not taking pictures. It's like reading books on programming, but not trying to write the lines of code yourself. It's like reading books on communication, then not using it in life. It's like reading about drawing, but not picking up a brush.

You often met such theorists. They know everything and can do everything, and those around them cannot appreciate their genius. But this is precisely the mistake that knowing and being able are two different things. Theory without practice is dead. If you want to achieve something, then not only study knowledge, but also try to do it as often as possible.

Lack of theory and information in life

When some people do not have enough knowledge, they have a simplistic view of the situation. The lack of deeper knowledge and information forces people to get involved in cases that they cannot pull through due to excessive arrogance and lack of necessary knowledge.

Sometimes people take on something that may not have prospects or is too difficult to complete. So, getting involved in a business, you may find that you do not have resources, opportunities or time. As a result, you will waste a lot of energy on where you could not even get involved or use some smarter method.

Practice without theory is blind when you don't have the right information to move forward. The lack of theory is wandering through a dark labyrinth, when knowledge gives him a map and a flashlight. Knowledge is a concentration of someone else's experience and someone else's mistakes. Success is often unique, but mistakes are always classic, common, and the same. This will allow you to bypass other people's rake and save a bunch of resources for a faster move forward.

Also, sometimes we find that we do not know what to do next and where to move. Being at the previous level of thinking, it is impossible to solve the problems that have arisen on it. If you pass, with the help of knowledge, you can solve all the difficulties and achieve the goals.

Practice and theory in life

The principle of connection between theory and practice in life is drawn quite clearly. Every impossible task, difficulty, failure, and frustration is not a strategy. This is an opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and become more professional. After that, life becomes a field for your trials, trainings and attempts. This is the place of exploration where you should express yourself to the fullest.

Theory without practice is dead, practice without theory is blind. In real life, it is important to apply skills in practice, then draw conclusions and analyze the results. Then repeat again, pull up knowledge and try a new attempt. Practice and theory in life always go hand in hand. Are you a theorist or a practitioner? What are you missing?