Positive Good Morning Wishes: 140 Beautiful and Original Wishes

All people love when their soulmate thinks about them, cares and shows signs of attention. One of the easiest ways will be something that is quite easy and does not require much effort. By sending morning messages to our significant other, we show our attention, care and feelings. How to say good morning to a girl or a guy in an original way?

Girls fall in love with boys, and men fall for women. But in order for a love relationship to develop perfectly, you need to make some efforts. The easiest and most effective way is to send a message to your soulmate right in the morning.

The morning should not start with coffee, but with a sweet and beautiful message from your beloved half. If you do this, then your relationships will become stronger, and your love will become stronger and deeper. It's worth it.

Good morning and positive messages for the second half

If you want a happy relationship, then if not every morning, then at least once a week do it. You should write small, sweet, romantic, funny and original good morning messages.

When a person wakes up, he will be pleased to know that someone is already thinking about him at such an early hour. This is a clear demonstration of care, tenderness, love and warmth. It's these little romantic things that create the right atmosphere in a relationship that we've seen so often in Hollywood melodramas.

What else is good about morning messages? Having received a message or SMS from you in the morning, a person will think about you for almost the whole day. This is a successful embedding you in the train of thought of the second half. Do not ignore what is free and fast, but extremely effective on the love front.

It is worth remembering that messages can be sent in any messenger, SMS or through social networks. It is desirable to add emoji to messages to make it more emotional, positive, bright and provocative.

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Positive good morning wishes. List of beautiful morning wishes

How to say good morning in an original way? It will be nice for a girl or a guy to receive a cute message. Girls have always been romantically inclined and expect attention from a man. The stronger sex also loves women's care, warmth and tenderness.

Looking for short, original, flirtatious, cute and romantic good morning wishes? You can find everything you expect here. Here is a whole collection of beautiful good morning wishes for you, which will definitely come in handy.

1. Morning thoughts about you invigorate me better than coffee. Good morning!

2. Good morning. Today is a beautiful day, but not like you.

3. Sending you a good morning message knowing for sure that it will reach you only after noon.

4. My alarm clock is jealous of my strong relationship with the bed. Do you also have such nonsense? Good morning!

5. Wake up, this is your sun. Think of me as the sun. I will light your life and warm you with my love.

6. Sending you a virtual morning kiss and can't wait to make it real.

7. Good morning! You look great today. How do I know? You always look great.

8. Stop sleeping, sleepyhead! Wake up! Rise and shine!

9. Good morning! I woke up to send you a good morning message, and now I'm going to go to bed again.

10. I had a wonderful dream last night because you were there. Good morning and have a great day!

11. I'm pretty sure my pillow hates you. Because she knows that I want to replace her with you. Good morning, and you're better than pillows!

12. When I wake up, I think of you first of all. Coincidence? I do not think!

13. Good morning! Don't let idiots ruin your day!

14. Next time I'll wake you up with breakfast in bed. Good morning sunshine!

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15. Good morning, little bear! I want to be the reason you look at your phone and smile.

16. Wake up and sing! Great things await you! Good morning!

17. The sun is no longer the brightest source of light in my life, and now it's only you.

18. You are my favorite coffee. Good morning my caffeine!

19. Bright sun, delicious coffee, a bun and your smile is all I need for a perfect morning.

20. Good morning! Your teddy bear misses you and wants to cuddle.

21. If you are not thinking about me yet, then it's time to start. Good morning!

22. A small step is the beginning of a long journey. Sometimes the hardest step is getting out of bed. I wish you a great day!

23. Good morning, baby! I just wanted to say that I think of you. Unfortunately, I can't write to you every time I think, otherwise you will receive a thousand messages every day.


24. Good morning, it's time to get up and work. I always give 100%: 15% on Monday, 25% on Tuesday, 35% on Wednesday, 20% on Thursday and 5% on Friday. And you?

25. Why do they call the morning beautiful if you wake up like a troll? Good morning!

26. Maybe you're not the kind of person who sends a good morning message, so I play this role. Good morning!

27. The most positive wishes of a good morning to you, as well as a thousand kisses, which I will personally convey to you later.

28. Your voice in the morning and your smile is my best motivation for the whole day.

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29. Good morning baby. I hope you have a good morning and evening will be great for sure.

30. My morning was beautiful because you came in (-la).

31. Good morning, my angel. Open the door. I'm going to make you breakfast.

32. The sun may have already risen, but for me the day has not yet begun, because you are still sleeping. Wake up!

33. I'm a little tired of writing you good morning every day. Maybe it's time for us to move in?

34. Are you still sleeping? Welcome to a new happy day! Wake up and make him happy with your presence.

35. Let every morning be the beginning of a new beautiful day, in which there will be many interesting things.

36. Good morning, my happiness. You are the most amazing person on the planet. Remember this!

37. The phrase “good morning” is a contradiction in terms, but still good morning!

38. I had a wonderful dream last night. I want to meet with you and show you what happened in this magically indecent dream.

39. Good morning, love of my life! You give this life happiness and meaning.

40. This morning is magical, the sky is bright, the sun is magnificent and so are you.

41. I do not wish people good morning, I just say that everything is in their hands, what will be the morning and day.

42. It's a pity we can't lie in bed all day. Good morning.

43. This beautiful morning has become more beautiful due to the fact that I have you in my life.

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44. I am writing to you at 4 am on purpose. The best feeling in the world when you look at the alarm clock and stay asleep for another three hours!

45. I want to be with you always so that we can laugh together, share difficulties, enjoy, relax in the arms of a friend suddenly at night and in the morning.

46. Start the day with passing gases, like any other morning. Good morning!

47. Wake up and meet a new day! Good mood, productive day and meeting with me.

48. If no one has yet told you positive good morning wishes, then I send them to you along with my warmth and kisses.

49. Your voice in the morning and your smile is my best motivation for the whole day.

50. I hope the morning will be better if I get a good morning kiss from you.

51. My dream was great, because in it I saw (s) you.

52. Waking up late is the enemy of good health. Wake up and good morning!

53. I would like to just stay in bed with you, but I have to hurry on business. Good morning!

54. I was rich and happy until the alarm rang. Good morning sunshine!

55. A new day has begun, but some are already happy, because today we will spend it together.

56. Good morning, the second half of my dreams. Just the thought of you brightens my morning!

57. I just wanted to tell you in the morning how much I love you.

58. 1000 compliments to you! After all, even this will not be enough to wish morning to such a good person.

59. Guess who I dreamed about and what we did in dreams? Good morning my sunshine.

60. Wow, who is this handsome even sleepy? Good morning Sonya.

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61. Coffee turns “leave me alone” into “good morning.” Good morning!

62. Open your eyes to look at this beautiful new day.

63. I am your biggest fan. Therefore, I hasten to wish you good morning and a good day!

64. You are simply synonymous with positivity and happiness. Good morning my joy.

65. Every day you inspire me to become better and better. You just can't imagine how glad I am (s) of our meeting. Good morning.

66. Wake up, my angel. It's a new day and you have a lot of angelic things to do.

67. Even when you are far away, I will warm you with my love. Good morning, my beloved sun.

68. You are now lying in bed and sleeping like a small child. You look defenseless and cute. Wake up my joy.

69. I woke up thinking about you. I hope I wake up not only thinking about you, but also with you in bed.

70. I wish you all the most positive wishes of good morning and good afternoon, so that everything is in your bundle.

71. Every sunset is followed by a dawn. Hello and good morning!

72. Wake up, my sun. It's time to decorate this world with yourself and bring everything beautiful.

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73. Lying in bed and enjoying the morning sun. I only miss you next to me.

74. Has the sun just come out or did you wake up?

75. Most people pray for glory, but my concern is that we be happy.

76. I know it's only 5 am, but good morning!

77. The night ended and the morning began. So it's time to wake up and wish you a great day!

78. Since I dreamed about one beloved man all night, I want to spend the whole day with you today. Good morning!

79. Good morning, my motivation! Your voice in the morning and your smile is my best motivation for the whole day.

80. Good morning and have a nice day. Remember that I will think of you all day long.

81. I wish your day to be great and full of smiles.

82. What is a sky without stars, a river without water, and a forest without trees? So a day without you is meaningless. Wake up and make my day.

83. Wake up, my joy. You make my day better and happier.

84. The first thing that comes to my mind in the morning is thinking about you, not about a cup of coffee. Good morning!

85. It may seem at first glance that you are far from me, but in fact you are next to me, in my heart. Good morning!

86. I don't like that part of the day when I have to get out of bed and participate in all this. But today we'll see each other, which means it's a holiday.

87. Good morning and have a great day. I understand that the day will not be as amazing as you, but still.

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88. Sleep is a place where you can easily surpass me. Good morning, sleepy-sleepy.

89. Good morning! Let me know if you need help.

90. All night I dreamed about you. But let's see if we can make it really hotter than my dreams.

91. Hurry up to wish you positive good morning wishes for an easy and happy day.

92. Everyone wants us to be early risers, but I dream that the morning starts at lunchtime. Good morning!

93. Good morning sunshine. Wake up to shine with your beauty and beautify this world with your presence.

94. Good morning, kitty. Unfortunately, we do not wake up in the same bed yet, but I feel a connection between us.

95. Good morning! I think there should be a law banning alarm clocks. How do you like the idea?

96. I want to live in such a way that the devil would say in the morning: “Damn it, he's up!” Good morning!

97. Good morning. I'm sitting here wondering if I'll get your hugs and kisses today?

98. My soul embraces yours. Good morning!

99. Open your eyes and accept a new happy day, in which there will be so many great things.

100. They say to send a beautiful good morning picture, but I didn't find anything more beautiful than you.

101. Everything I see in the morning reminds me of you. Morning coffee is about your energy. The wind is about your breath. The sun is about your warmth and hot body. Everything reminds me of you.

102. Good morning! I'm sorry I woke you up. But I just want to say how much I love you.

103. A yawn is a silent cry for coffee. Have you already drunk it? Good morning!

104. Good morning, though it's not as beautiful as you. Wake up my beautiful sun.

105. There are two types of people in the morning. The first wish good morning, and the second is still sleeping. I think I know who you are.

106. Do you feel the cool morning breeze? These are my air kisses to you. Sending you all sorts of positive good morning wishes.

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107. I really love my bed in the morning, but not as much as I love you. Good morning!

108. Every new day I discover something wonderful in you. Wake up my happiness.

109. I want to wake up, walk arm in arm with you and drink a cup of coffee somewhere.

110. The second half is the person you think about when you wake up. Guess who I was thinking about?

111. Today I crumpled all the sheets. I know who I dreamed about! Good morning my darling.

112. The morning sun calls me, but I want to answer him another day. Good or not so good morning!

113. I send you a morning kiss! Do not lose it, because otherwise you will have to put the real one.

114. You are my sunshine. I need to think about you for just one second in the morning, as I think about you all day long.

115. Good morning! If you want to see me, just give me a sign.

116. Open your face in the morning, I want to see your sleepy face. Good morning my dormouse.

117. Good morning and I wish you a sea of ​​butterflies in your stomach, because we will see you later today.

118. Only you can make my day better. Good morning, my personal and beloved happiness.

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119. Birdsong in the morning is magical, but your voice would be better. Good morning!

120. I hope that the morning will be as bright and magnificent as your smile.

121. You are the reason for my smile, and I want to be the reason for your smile. Good morning!

122. Wake up! My pillow will soon be bored, because soon I will not sleep on it, but on you.

123. My main dream is to wake up faster with you every morning and fall asleep too.

124. Good morning, my sun! Every new day is much better when I think about you, and if we see each other, then it is generally magnificent.

125. I never wanted to be a lark, but it seems now there is a person for whose sake it is worth doing.

126. Now I love the morning, because I can drink coffee and dream about you.

127. Cool morning to a cool person you can only dream of.

128. There is an empty space on my bed that rightfully belongs to you.

129. Good! I can't wait to kiss your sugar lips.

130. I think my bed smells like you. This is the best smell in the world.

131. Good morning! All night there were dreams about you, which means that we should see each other this afternoon.

132. Can I come to you and cook the most delicious breakfast in the world?

133. Hello and it's time to wake up! This world needs to kick ass!

134. I hate the alarm clock because it distracted me from my dream about you.

135. Good morning to the most amazing man in the world. This is for you!

136. The only thing that makes me happy this morning is thinking about you. Good morning.

137. I am exactly the person who thinks about you from the very morning.


138. Today the sun kissed me in the morning, but it would be better if it were your kisses.

139. Good morning to the person who stole my heart, but it's just great.

140. Morning! Time for virtual kisses and hugs!

Beautiful and original good morning wishes will not leave anyone indifferent. Use positive good morning wishes more often to make your relationship better and happier every day.