Pose 69 and its variations

Jack pose, French love, cross love or pose 69. Everyone is familiar with the number 69, which is perceived by 69% of people as 69% shades of vulgarity. This is one of the most famous positions in sex.

The 69 position itself brings variety to sex, but it also has several variations that everyone should definitely try.

1. Classical version. A very comfortable position for partners of the same height. The man lies on his back, and the woman sits on top facing the penis, while she leans on her knees and hands. For convenience, you can put pillows under the man's buttocks and under his head, so that it is more convenient for him to reach the vagina.

2. The variant is vice versa. In this position, the girl and the guy change places, now she is on the bottom, and he is on top. With this arrangement, keep in mind that the penis can go deep into the woman's mouth, and the man needs to control his actions. Alternate top and bottom positions to give each other a break.

3. Side "jack". For this position, a man and a woman lie on their side with a “jack”. In this case, the heads of a man and a woman are between each other's legs. This position is suitable for gentle foreplay.

4. 69th sports. In this position, the man is in complete control of the process. To do this, he sits down and puts the girl on himself, facing the penis, and hips on his shoulders, so that it is convenient for him to caress the vagina. The man holds the girl tightly by the waist and can coordinate her movements.