Poor arsenal. male beauty frames.

Even if you wear a cocky tie or a shirt with a fantastic collar. The individuality of men's clothing is completely lost.

Riddle #1. THEY try - I pity them. THEY are trying harder - I pity them so much that I almost love them. I love that they try. I regret seeing another unsuccessful attempt. Who are they? Answer: THEY are men.

Riddle #2. On what topic are THEY trying hard? Answer: THEY try to decorate themselves, while maintaining their individuality.

Difficulties began from the moment when animal skins went out of fashion, which allowed not only to keep warm, but also, to the extent possible, to express their own individuality: someone could afford the skin of a tiger, while the other in a fair fight defeated everything only a goat, whose skin he wore.

Now the couturier's vanguard has made a bunch of beautiful suits, differing only in the shape of the pockets and the line of the shoulder. As a result, the individuality of the carriers is completely lost. Because if a team of men gathers for an official meeting in one place, then all these costumes look, to put it mildly, similar.

So they try. Either they will hang a cocky tie (we are not talking about a bright picture, a tie can be of such luxurious quality that even being one-colored, it will catch the eye of connoisseurs), or a striped shirt will be considered appropriate, or an incredible collar, coupled with cufflinks, will be worn. Everything is in vain. An elegant suit of noble color will absorb all the nuances and ruin the case.

Very bad at red carpet meetings where men are required to appear in tuxedos. A luxurious tuxedo and a black bow tie, according to the charter, are mounted only with a white shirt. And that's it! No retreats. It happens, of course, that someone will use a cherry or steel gray bow tie, or even polka dots (and will immediately be condemned by the rest of the tuxedo community for unbridled manners and tastes), and the uniform will remain a uniform, even if it is called a dress code.

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But there was one remarkable period in the historical period between tiger skins and suits from Cardin. Oh, what clothes were then in demand among the peasants! Tunics, camisoles, puffy multi-layered collars, short pants, long stockings, high boots, shoes with buckles... It is worth noting the materials that were used: silk and velvet, morocco, lace and precious stones! Where or on whom will you now see impeccable cuffs of Brabant lace? I'm not talking about Alencon lace, and even more so about Valenciennes! But then, even moderately ascetic and not very financially stable musketeers did not disdain either lace or jewelry. At the same time, I didn’t say a word about hats with plumes, but they were, what they were!

Now about hairstyles. The first fashion for hairstyles was introduced by the Roman Caesars. They left a minimum of hair on their heads, explaining this simply: a handsome person is handsome even in a bald form. All divine rulers, by their own understanding, were handsome, and therefore did not burden themselves with long curls.

It should be noted that after about one and a half thousand years, men began to wear fantastic wigs. This fashion, although accompanied by the excesses of lace described above, did not last long - three hundred years. But as soon as the artificial curls were removed from the head, the men began to grow beards, mustaches, sideburns, that is, and then they tried their best.

However, it is time to return to today.

There was once a Gentleman. He always wore a tuxedo to the annual corporate ball. The rest of the male population of the firm came in suits, and he in a tuxedo. The men looked at him enviously, the ladies lined up in a row and invited him to all the dances in a row (not only to the white ones). The annual ball automatically turned into the Gentleman's personal annual quiz.

The time for the next ball has come. The gentleman, in search of a new image, decided to deviate from his standard. He asked a lady, his roommate, if he could show up in a blue jacket? The lady raised an eyebrow and inquired about the color of the planned trousers.

Having fulfilled his plan, the Gentleman merged with the landscape, became an invisible man and danced all evening only with the said lady, who considered herself responsible for the embarrassment that befell the Gentleman.

Conclusions: it is not the type of clothing that matters, but its uniqueness against the background of the general mass. Even a tuxedo, which has already been ranked by us as a uniform, can distinguish its wearer from the crowd, make him a unique handsome man. A blue jacket will easily blend into the color palette.

Perhaps the appearance of new materials will change something. Again, there are prospects for headwear: feathers, rhinestones, bending of the brim... There is definitely something in this. Besides, hats are still worn on the head. And the head, firstly, is almost always visible to others, and, secondly, there are thoughts in it. That is, the hat is a hint of the inner content. It's worth thinking about.

If we remember that everything repeats in fashion, then after the current minimalism of the ancient Romans in terms of men's hairstyles, we can expect the appearance of wigs with curls in the foreseeable future.

Yes, I almost forgot. There is an opinion that a man is decorated with scars. It is worth agreeing that this thesis is outdated. And the large-scale tattoos with which some people cover themselves are not as informative as some people think, without expanding the boundaries of the rather meager arsenal of male decorative possibilities.Author: Evgenia Malchuzhenko