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Ponte girls

In the modern world, men and women increasingly do not understand each other, and as a result get off. All relationships have turned into some kind of farce or dubious circus. Girls fill their own worth and throw show-offs more expensive, but there are no buyers in sight. Girls, what for are you showing off, as if at least a millionaire deserves you, but a billionaire is better? Why did relationships turn into a market for bodies?

Society is constantly changing, as is the relationship between the sexes of men and women. The institution of the family is no longer so attractive, getting intimacy is now easier than ever, people are used to free relationships, connections without obligations are familiar, loneliness has become the norm, and relationships can be bought.

What is love? Love is a beautiful word, but there is less and less of it in the modern world. More often than not, it's just a game played by adults from time to time. As a result, girls are chasing a luxurious life, while men are simply chasing intimacy in bed. But at the same time, everyone is unhappy and lonely. How did we get to this point? The beauty of capitalism.

Women's show-offs

What confuses men the most in the modern world? Women's show-offs for which they cannot pay. Look at any modern girl. Everyone has seen enough of low-grade Hollywood films, where they have to run after them, give expensive gifts and beautifully look after princes. Only in real life, everything is different, and Mr. Gray from the movie "50 Shades of Grey" does not pursue them.

These fairy tales and romantic films played a bad joke on the fair sex. All girls are waiting for princes who will throw the kingdom at their feet. Modern princes must be millionaires to provide them with a fabulous and luxurious life. So many girls pretend to be goddesses, trying to find someone who will fulfill their whims. It's just that no one wants to. Millionaires do not call to marry, and peeps only periodically use and rent.

Look at all the modern girls. Some show-offs that you can’t even drive up on a lame goat. In any cafe, girls sit with such faces that you already see claims that they did not make her secure with a clean back. Not for you, my mother raised a berry! I'm already so tired of seeing these arrogant and arrogant women's faces that I feel sick. Everyone looks at the thickness of the wallet and the price of your car.

If, in their youth, girls still fall in love, then with adulthood, all women are already looking for a more wealthy man. And everyone wants the already rich, with cars, apartments and a large bank account. Everyone wants to come to the ready right away to get into a heavenly life for free. You can’t forbid living beautifully, only excessive demands lead to the fact that in the modern world good relations do not develop at all.

True, all this quickly ends with those maidens who are waiting for the prince, because the Indian age is short. Then attempts to jump into the last carriage begin, so as not to be alone. But the truth is, even here everything turns out so that show-offs do not go anywhere even over the years, and sometimes the requirements only increase.

Girls aged 30-40 and older want something more and more, although they themselves are no longer particularly quoted in the marriage market. The chest is not so high, and young competitors breathe in the back. Tuning the body and face works, but does not really help. There always appears a product younger and better, which the rich Pinocchio peck at.

Relationship Marriage Market

All relationships have become the buying and selling of the body. Women put up a price tag and wait for someone to buy them. Men at this time perceive women as a commodity, because if you have loot, then you can afford any. If you have a lot of money, then you can take any, whose price tag you can overpower yourself. At the same time, you can behave as you want, and at the same time be the last pig. The girl will endure your every whim, like Anastasia from the movie, because you are rich. A man can get any girl effortlessly if he can pay her price tag.

If at the age of 20 the relationship seemed like feelings and love, then by the age of 30 everything resembles a market for bodies. Many girls that you could not afford in your youth are later sold at a good discount, because time is running out. So the girls, who played only with the wealthy, agree to simpler men.

Girls show off and selling their bodies became a reality. Some will say that it is not, but look around. Almost all girls are for sale, and men simply offer their price. And love remained for a few men and girls who do not want to participate in this corrupt circus.