Playing the victim

Victim people annoy me, people with victim behavior. It is their phones that are squeezed out, it is them among the crowd that energy vampires choose. Finally, become more confident!

It may sound strange - I myself was surprised when I realized what annoyed me lately.

Victim people annoy me, people with the behavior of a victim. It is their phones that are squeezed out, it is them among the crowd that energy vampires choose... In general, it is for them that life is much more difficult and painful than for those around them.

It's not about what they're wearing. A victim girl in jeans and a hoodie is much more likely to be raped than a non-victim girl in a miniskirt and boobs jumping out of her cleavage.

It's about behavior. It's a matter of insecurity.

Not a single person is immune from this - I myself got into unpleasant situations during a period of vulnerability. I told my friends a story more than once when I was attacked on the street one and only time in order to profit from my wallet and phone. It was late in the evening, and I was walking with a hookah - in my backpack there was a large beautiful flask and all the pipes, in a bag in my hand - a rod. I was very worried that this flask would not be broken. Apparently, it was this excitement that the gopniks took for victimhood - and they were very disappointed when they saw a massive bar in my hands, and in my eyes - a readiness to defend myself. I didn’t even have to beat any of them - they quickly combed themselves.

My 11th grade tutor tried to kiss me and molested me. Then I got out, but then for at least a month I was pestered by inadequate people in transport and on the street. A young man gave me a shocker that I never parted with. The mere presence of a shocker in my bag (although I understood that I would hardly have time to use it if something happened) seemed to drive all these inadequate people away from me. They did not know about the shocker, but they subconsciously understood that I should not be touched. The shocker has long been abandoned, but still no one touches me.

Probably, the presence of victim people in this world greatly helps the rest - after all, many and many problems fall on the victims, from which, thanks to them, the rest are spared. But what a shame for them!

Girls-boys, finally gather your confidence into a fist. Buy yourself a shocker or pepper spray and trust that you can easily use it. Then you probably won't have to. Get a trauma or a big harsh friend, ready to come to your aid at any time. Learn to run fast or take self-defense courses.

Finally, become more confident! Maybe then the price of the stolen phone for the gopniks will be too high to risk. But most importantly, you will be safe.

Source: zadolbali