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Places for sex at home. How to improve sex at home?

Changing the place for intimacy helps to add variety and novelty to sex. Sex, in different places at home, will improve intimate life and increase the intensity of passion. Where and how to indulge in extreme sex at home?

Home sex can be better by experimenting with sex venues. Where else can you tumble to get maximum enjoyment and pleasure?

Places for sex at home. How to improve sex at home?

Sex on the windowsill, by the window or on the balcony

There is a risk that the neighbors may notice you, but this will add spice to the sensations. The girl sits on the windowsill, if it is wide enough, and the man stands next to her.

The girl stands next to the window and looks out the window at the stars, standing in a doggy-style pose. The man works hard so that the stars are not only in the sky, but also in the eyes of the girl.

Sex in the bathroom

Sex in the shower or in the bath is often shown in movies, but in reality it is much more complicated. The girl turns her back to the man. At the same time, the girl rests her hands on the wall or holds on to the man for better balance. The man enters her from behind.

A man is sitting in the bathroom, and a girl is jumping on top in the pose of a rider. You can drain excess water if it interferes.

Sex on the washing machine? Great idea. You can sit a girlfriend and stand next to you. It's a good idea to breastfeed the girl on the car, in the back of yourself. Now turn on the spin mode. Spin time is 10-15 minutes, but how long can you last?

Sex on the floor

A hard floor is not suitable for lovemaking. It is good to have sex on a soft carpet, if you have one. You can take pillows or blankets to make it softer. Sex on the floor will be extravagant, unusual and unforgettable.

Sex against a wall, in a hallway or doorway

A girl leans her back against a wall, and a man stands facing her. Sex in a doorway or hallway is good if the girl can rest one foot against the opposite wall.

The girl rests her hands on the wall while the man works and caresses her from behind.

Sex in the kitchen

Where to have sex at home, if not in the kitchen? The kitchen has a table or kitchen work surface where you should seat your girlfriend. The man stands next to him, and the girl wraps her legs around him. Now in the kitchen you can fry not only potatoes, but also your girlfriend.

Sex on a chair, in an armchair or on a sofa

Any furniture is good for lovemaking. There are many positions and ways to enjoy sex. Missionary, rider, doggy style and other poses. All of them will be a great highlight in your intimate life. Sex on a stool or chair, in a cowgirl position, is often shown in movies. It's unforgettable.

Sex in the toilet

How does it feel to have sex in the bathroom of a nightclub? Role play with the girl as if you just met in a club and retired to the toilet. Turn on the music and retire to your home bathroom. Vivid sensations and orgasms are provided.

There are many places for sex at home, the main thing is enthusiasm and fantasy. And where do you like to have home sex, except for the bed?