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Pickup master. Pickup Tips

Picking up a girl is not given to everyone, it's time to admit it already, my dear friend. Surely you yourself have repeatedly observed how more cunning comrades constantly leave the club with a new passion. And is each of them a copy of Stallone in his youth (well, in the extreme case of Keanu Reeves)? Unlikely. Ordinary guys, nothing more beautiful than a standard peasant living in the "bachelor apartment-work-bar" mode.

So what is their secret? Why do girls peck at them, and for the past 5 times a month you have been stupidly drunk and leaving by taxi in splendid isolation? Don't get hysterical and listen carefully. Most likely, each of these lucky "fishermen" hooked another beauty on his hook just because he is a pickup master. Pickup tips can be found on many sites. But often they are written by complete laymen. As a woman, I can see it right away.

Do you want to become a pro and constantly hit the top ten with your flirting? I will help you become more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. And there are no particular difficulties. Just read on.

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1. No “your mother son-in-law is not needed?

Leave alone all the hackneyed and hackneyed phrases that you inherited from your great-grandfather. Believe me, any adequate and interesting girl, having heard this, will either openly laugh in your face, or grimacing and sending you to smell the violets in the field. So it's time to abandon the principles of dating in the style of the 90s.

And with what phrase to approach, in fact? In fact, there are several modern options that may well work:

  • Right off the bat. Not every pickup master will offer you this. Pickup tips are usually too convoluted and imply that you have a lady in front of you who is only interested in the thickness of any man's wallet. However, a trick like “Hi, I saw you and realized that I couldn’t pass by, let’s get to know each other” often works. You can, of course, get rejected. But most often this happens if the girl is busy, in a bad mood, or you are not her type (I'm talking to you frankly).
  • Use context. If you say everything directly with words through your mouth, it’s scary, but you really want to get to know each other, connect your imagination. Let's say you go to meet a charming lady. Pretend that you suddenly needed something in her direction, or pretend that you are picking up a fallen object from the ground. As if by chance, run into her, ask for forgiveness, but do not rush to disperse. Check if the bruise is bad, maybe you have a chance to somehow make amends for your clumsiness? And what, I would sit with such a polite guy in a cafe.
  • Surprise and admire yourself. If there is an attractive girl next to you, try to suddenly attract her attention with something like: “Wow, did you see what kind of accident there was on the next street? Oh wow!". Or complain about the suddenly raging weather: “I haven’t been under such a downpour for a long time. You didn't get wet?" In fact, with a normally working fantasy, there can be a lot of options. Just take a look at what's around you.
  • Try to find out how to get to some cafe that is nearby. This will also allow you to understand whether the lady is in a hurry or not. When she explains, offer to walk there together, since “why do I need a cafe if I can’t have lunch there with you.” Don't be afraid to flirt, it's completely normal. Not only girls should be able to build eyes. Okay, okay, brutal wrinkled peepers. That's better?

Have you learned what phrase a pick-up artist should use to approach a woman? Try to test all the tips in practice. I hope you get lucky the first time and you don't get a couple of complexes (come on, I'm joking, it's not that scary).

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2. Match

I understand that every reasonable man wants to hook the sweetest lady. But let's soberly assess the situation together. Do you dream of dragging a phyton with a pumped-up "nut" and a waist without a single fat into bed? Then do not be surprised that she decides to measure with a tape measure not the size of your economy, but the girth of the biceps. Are you ready for this tough challenge? If the answer is yes, I have no complaints.

I'll tell you a secret, any man can hook. And it's not about money or looks. Women pay attention to charisma, self-confidence, communication skills, sense of humor. In the end, no one canceled chemistry either. But they meet all the same, as you know, precisely by clothes. You can't see your charisma by your greasy hair and protruding belly. So try to start at least put yourself in order.

Soberly assess your chances. If you don’t shine with luxurious external data, and the salary is back to back enough to provide for yourself and your roommate in the form of a cat, then is it worth honing your pickup truck skills on heifers, sharpened to look like rich dads? And think about it yourself, do you need it? If you put a clean tick in the notebook, and then the whole yard will boast. But most likely the result will not be so positive. Surely the result will be a complete reset of self-esteem.


By the way, I will give one useful advice. You can dress not too expensive, but stylish. Avoid clothing made from synthetic materials. It tends to smell disgusting of chemistry and the Chinese who sewed your shirt in the basement on the knee. And this, perhaps, is not the main drawback of such a "chic". After a walk in the heat, you yourself will smell disgusting in it. And girls have a cleaner sense of smell than some dogs.

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. Suppose the first contact with the girl has already been established. You correspond, call back, in a word, communicate. What will eventually grab her? For a girl to become attached to a guy, she needs an emotional shake-up.

But, in my opinion, this is one of the signs of abuse, about which I will definitely warn you. This method gets on the nerves and can cause considerable pain to a woman. So if your pickup is configured not only for bed, try not to test this method on a lady.

That's the point. To begin with, you demonstrate a clear interest: you actively make contact, call yourself, offer to meet, show a romantic mood in every possible way. And then abruptly out of the blue you cool down, as if rolling back progress. Messages become drier, and at the meeting, which, by the way, she will already achieve, there will be no touches initiated specifically by you. After a while, the "swing" can be started again according to the principle of the pendulum.

I must say right away that it is very easy to overdo it here and generally ruin only the nascent eat. Therefore, the first stage with courtship and hugs should still be longer. And do not abuse much such "swings". Due to constant worries, a girl can start to freak out, and few people are already interested in a nervous woman.

The main trick of this technique is not to run into scandals and showdown. It’s just that when a man stops showing signs of attention to a lady that have already been before, intrigue and curiosity turn on. A woman herself should want to find out what is wrong here. It is quite possible that against the backdrop of experiences, she will drag you to bed. Damn, I feel like I'm handing over mine to the enemy, honestly. If so, I didn't tell you anything, okay?

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5. Don't be afraid of breaking up

Here is another important point that a real pickup artist usually uses. Pickup tips always contain the point that a successful man should not cling to one woman. In principle, the truth is definitely there. When a girl realizes that a guy has fallen in love with her, she begins to actively twist them and probe the bar for what is permitted. This is where it is worth cooling her ardor.

If the topic “either you do as I want or we break up” appears, raise one eyebrow and, after saluting, go straight to the exit. The first rule of a pickup truck: you are the boss here. The pick-up artist in most cases (and what, girls also sometimes indulge in picking up handsome guys) is a man, so he has the cards in his hands.

Believe me, for the sake of one-time sex, it's not worth bending to the level of henpecked. There are a lot of charming ladies in the world with whom it will be easier. But if you are not looking for easy ways, try to break the girl and make her admit her mistakes in behavior herself. This, of course, is not so simple, but it is considered aerobatics among pick-up artists.

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6. Be confident in yourself

Women perfectly feel the man from the inside. If there is even the slightest drop of fear of doing something wrong, success will not be achieved. So it’s not worth thinking through each dialogue fifteen times and tormenting yourself with insomnia, reflecting on the topic “Am I good enough for her?”.

Sometimes girls behave unexpectedly (read inadequately). If you give up and get confused, then you won’t see a quality pickup truck in the end. Sudden resentment? Trying to find out what the reason is, of course, is necessary. Just keep yourself in control and do not run around the lady like a naughty little dog. Ask a couple of times, and then let her draw conclusions when her ignore turns into a complete lack of interest on your part.

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7. Be yourself

Do not break your long-term habits and established principles. A woman should feel firmness of spirit and steadfastness in you. Lisping boys are interesting to girls only at first. And then they smoothly flow into the category of friendzoners, wiping this madam's snot. Do you know how a real pickup master behaves? Pickup truck tips are sometimes really good. He never follows the lead of hysterics and frankly impudent women.

Do not try to splurge either. Firstly, with good pickup skills, this is simply not required. Secondly, such behavior looks frankly pathetic. The feeling that the guy no longer knows how to make sure that at least someone gives him. Do not dodge, like a snake in a hot frying pan. The mask will have to be removed sooner or later. And if the reality turns out to be completely different, be prepared for a real shame on the part of the girl.

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feel it for a woman. Do not strengthen the already more than high self-esteem. In this case, she will understand that you can easily twist. Sudden festivities will begin with some girlfriends, clubs, guests, registrations - everything that can only piss off a standard male owner. You will spend kilometers of nerve fibers, and a satisfied lady will bring out the unfortunate pick-up artist to emotions over and over again. This cannot be allowed.

Keep a strict balance. A woman should see that you care, but it is better to hide such feelings deep in your soul. Ask where she's going, but don't ask for details. Let her see that you are paying attention, but not trying to establish total control. When there are no boundaries, there is, in fact, nothing to violate and there is no need to do something out of spite.

A girl is not a thing. You yourself will not like it if everything goes in the “baby, I will do everything, don’t worry” mode. From that moment on, the woman will not even think of taking on at least some responsibility. As soon as you show a sense of ownership, be sure that foolishness is guaranteed. And in a similar situation, many cunning ladies sit on the neck of unlucky pick-up artists. Well, you yourself said that now you will solve her problems yourself. Receive and subscribe.

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9. Always keep a little intrigue

Try to deviate from known standards. Don't let the girl get bored and see you as another gentleman. Be interesting and special in your own way. For example, do not write or call on the same day that the first date or acquaintance passed. Make her a little nervous. But before that, at the meeting, be sure to make it clear that you liked the lady. That's when she breaks the pattern. Why didn't you deign to write to her so sexy and charming right away? The intrigue will definitely warm up the female interest.

Feel like you're a born pickup artist. From now on, pickup tips will be asked by others when they see how the girls themselves call and arrange a date. This always produces the desired effect. By the way, the opposite sex too. Surprise her. The rest of the guys immediately switch all their attention to a new girlfriend, and you leave the rudiments of flirting in relation to the girls. Just don't bend the stick. Frank harassment will offend the object of your original desire.

In the process of communication after the first meeting, you can chat very nicely and ask the lady about everything in the world. Trust me, she'll love it. But what will be her genuine surprise when, with all your interest, you will not call for the next meeting. This also plays a big role in seducing a girl.

Be imaginative. Always give a reason to think about what will happen next. Will you kiss her goodbye or just hug her? Will you invite home for dinner, smoothly flowing into breakfast or to the park for a walk? The girl must certainly be interested.

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10. Don't lie

Avoid misinformation to avoid getting scammed. Firstly, girls are very good at feeling lies in words. Secondly, you will have to memorize everything clearly, and doing this can be extremely problematic. Especially when the lady demands an immediate response, and the wind howls in the man’s head and the tumbleweeds rush picturesquely.

Even a small lie that seems trifling to you can completely change a girl's mind and destroy an already established trust. And without this, not even the most seasoned pickup master will achieve what he wants. In extreme cases, get by with a partial truth. It's better to have a vague answer to a slippery question than a complete lie.

11. Don't try to run after a girl

This is another important rule of a successful pick-up artist. Too obsessive man is uninteresting, but only causes irritation. Most likely, from such attempts to establish contact, a woman will go into the “dynamo” category or simply block you in all messengers, which is basically the same.

Do not arrange surprises in the style of "I'll climb into the window with flowers, I'll be surprised!". Yeah, especially if the girl lives on the 23rd floor. So it won’t be long to turn gray, not to mention the thought that I met some kind of maniac. Be a calm and adequate person (at least pretend if you are not). A little composure has not prevented a single peasant in this life.

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12. Don't talk about your plans in front of your friends

Pickup is a single player game. To involve comrades in it, boasting of achievements, is at least stupid. Remember that there is no greater gossip than an ordinary man. Let's say you tell a friend over a bottle of beer what a cool chick you met, while you will savor the details of your future plans. He, in turn, will share this news in a company where other girls are present. And, as luck would have it, it is one of them who recognizes her friend in the description of that very “awesome chick”.

Cool, huh? And this will certainly happen, thanks to the law of meanness. As you understand, maturing sex can be waved with a white handkerchief and wipe a stingy male tear. So be careful what you boast about. While the lady has not yet been in your bed, keep your mouth shut.

Although I would advise you to keep quiet after. Do you know why? Rumors quickly spread even in the metropolis. Very soon, each of the girlfriends of your seduced girl will be aware that you can’t have business with that goat over there, he is a pick-up artist. And it’s good if he doesn’t let the “duck” about a tiny size in his pants yet. You don't want this girl to be the last one, do you?

Well, pick-up artist, did I help you look at women from the other side? I believe that now your amorous affairs will now be in order. Do not be afraid to engage in a pickup truck and remember that a qualitatively satisfied girl is unlikely to hold a grudge. So do your best when you get your way. Good luck!