physical flirting

In addition to verbal exploration and flirting, physical contact is important when seducing. How to move to the physical level and really start turning on your spouse. How to flirt physically and seduce professionally?

Nothing is more conducive to a relationship than physical contact. If you really enjoy his or her company and have already started flirting, you should consider getting physical and really starting to turn him or her on! Here are a few steps to help the process.


1. Touch when making a remark. Touch his or her shoulder or arm when you make a remark (This is very cool or You should try this, etc.). So you not only amplify what you say, you also give a reason to touch you!

2. Encourage body contact. If you have already flirted physically, allow him/her to touch you as well. Play finger wrestling, put your hand on his or her shoulder and open up. Be creative. If he or she smiles, the person probably enjoys it and may want you to do it again. And when he / she touches you in a sensual way in return, then you are in the game!

If you are a guy, give the girl a ride on your back. This is a good way to get closer and show her how strong you are. Try not to move too fast because you might fall and it won't look very inspiring.

When the second person teases you, lightly "hit" them on the shoulder. In most cases, girls do this when guys playfully tease them. Be careful when you do this if you are a guy.

3. Hang on the person. Hang your arm around the person when you are telling a joke or laughing. When you are telling a joke, or he is telling a joke, place your hand gently on his/her shoulder while you laugh.

Girls, you can do this almost always for no reason. You ask him for a favor, you tell him about your days off, and so on. It seems difficult at first, but the guy will definitely be happy.

Guys, you can use this when you're in the mood for jokes, or if you're especially close with a girl. Or, after you hug, you can hold your hand around her waist longer than usual to see how she reacts.

4. Rest on the person. Place your head on her or his shoulder and say "I'm tired" if it's late at night or if you met him/her in the morning, for example, on the bus.

You can do this when you pretend to be bored or annoyed. You sit nearby during an overly long announcement, sigh and gently lean back and lean against the person.

5. Use more intimate contact. Hug, touch his/her shoulder, or even kiss him on the cheek instead of saying goodbye.

Hug a person when you see him in the morning or when you leave for the day; when you congratulate him on his achievement; or when you think you won't see each other for a while.

Kiss the person on the cheek if you are a girl and want to signal to them that they should start kissing you. Kiss him on the cheek before leaving and he will think about it for days.

Guys have a harder time kissing girls because 1) most girls don't want their privacy violated; and 2) most girls will expect more than a quick kiss on the cheek from their first kiss.

6. Copy her body language. Copy his or her pose when you are facing each other. This body language sends a delicate signal; subconsciously, they will feel that you have a stronger connection with you, just because you copy them.

Don't do this all the time, though, otherwise the other person may feel like you're mimicking them. Make sure it looks natural when you do this.

7. Tickle the second person. Tickling is a great way to flirt with someone physically. Tickling is considered normal among friends, but not among acquaintances, so make sure you know the person well enough before tickling them. A few tips for tickling:

It's customary for guys to tickle girls. This doesn't mean you can't tickle a guy if you're a girl, it just means that it's usually guys who tickle you. Remember this.

Tickle only in safe places. The last thing you want to achieve when flirting is to make the other person feel uncomfortable. To make sure you don't violate his/her boundaries, try focusing on your hands, knees, and feet.

Pay attention to your partner's body language and what he/she says. If he/she laughs and jokingly asks you to stop, then you can probably tickle a little more before you stop. However, if he/she is not laughing, if he/she is uncomfortable and he/she asks you to stop, stop immediately.

8. Find reasons to touch him/her. Touch the person when you compliment their ring, bracelet, new t-shirt, or hair. Or say something like "Your hands are small" and put your hands up to compare them. Notice how long it takes for him/her to remove their hand. If it takes some time, he/she most likely enjoyed it.

9. Touch and hold the hand. If you're afraid of rejection, start by lightly touching your hand. Do it in such a way that he/she will notice it, but not be too obvious. Then slowly move to holding hands if the person seems to enjoy the contact.

For example, when you pass by, you can lightly touch his or her hand. If the person notices this, she/he will look at you, and when he/she smiles, you can try to take his/her hand. If the person doesn't like it, you'll know it's too early to start holding hands.

You can find many different reasons to hold hands. If you're in a haunted house or on a slide, or showing something, just confidently take his/her hand and don't wait for him/her to react. If he / she does not like it or your chosen one is not ready for this yet, you will understand.

The first few times, interlacing your fingers will be more difficult than just wrapping your arms around or taking them. To avoid any embarrassment, start with a simple handhold where you bring your pinky, ring and middle fingers together and grab the second person's hand.

10. Dance with the second person. Dancing is a great social way to get close to the person you like and show them some fun flirting. Whether it's the school disco, your birthday party, or waiting at the bus stop (if you like to joke and he/she has a sense of humour), dancing will always get you started.

Invite to a slow dance. When the slow song starts, head straight for your chosen one and ask him to dance. If you are a guy, put your hands on her waist. If you are a girl, put your hands on his shoulders. Get close enough that your mouth is close to the other person's ears.

11. Get rid of awkward kissing. If you feel uncomfortable, just gently touch their nose with your fingertip while smiling. Then slowly lean towards the person as if you were going to hug him and start kissing him with a small kiss.

If you see that the second person is a little insecure, after you kiss him, cheer him up. Say something like, “That was nice, you're a good kisser. » If he/she feels more confident, then you have done your job.

First kisses can be awkward. It's just life. However, one thing is for sure: it will take time and a little practice to become a master at it. Don't worry about awkwardness and focus on what you like about the other person.


Always be careful about hygiene and smell.


Smile! A sweet or pretty smile can do wonders.

Smile when you are with him/her.

Don't rush things. You will look like a weirdo or just scare him/her away.

Reach for her/him if you are sure she/he is comfortable.

If you are a guy, you can pull her towards you by wrapping your arms around her waist as you sit in the back. This will give a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Make sure he or she looks at you before you start anything.

He/she should not get the impression that he/she should do what he/she should not.

Before kissing, make sure you don't smell like food. You will smell bad from your mouth.

When you open the door for her, lightly touch her shoulder. Be careful that she doesn't feel like you're pushing her.


It may take him/her time to figure out what's what, so don't be discouraged if he/she doesn't respond right away.

If he or she asks you to stop, then you must understand that it is time to stop.

If you see that he or she is uncomfortable or uncomfortable, stop. It can really mess up the relationship you already have.

Move slowly, do not rush things. Rushing may make him or her uncomfortable, and this will lead to rejection.

Make sure he/she doesn't have a match. If this is not the case, it may cause a showdown, which is not good if you are trying to impress him/her. In most cases, he/she will not tell you if he/she is dating someone.

Don't overdo it. Source: W. H.