Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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People who don't know how to love

Something has happened to the modern world that no one just meets and loves. People have become so thoughtful that they calculate on a calculator who to meet, who to love and who to engage in intimacy with.

Let's take a typical situation as an example. Take any first date that happens every day with thousands of couples. People accidentally met in some situation, or agreed on a dating app, and then go out on a first date.

The girl gets her hair done and dresses up to show off her best yummy side and look like a glamorous chick. The man is not far behind either. He flaunts and shows off to show himself as a tough macho. But everyone in his mind is wondering who he got. Where does he work? Is there a car? Who are the parents? How much does he earn? Is there an apartment? The first date will be like an interview with Forbes magazine.

The girl looks at the man's clothes, his accessories, the presence of a wheelbarrow, the estate of living space and his level of income. The man's phone is cheap, the shirt was bought in a department store, the watch is fake, the shoes are worn out. The work is the most ordinary, but lives with his parents. Not. Not suitable. Not for you, my mother raised a berry. I am looking for a richer husband to be promising, rich and successful. We don't need rogues! And it doesn’t matter that she herself doesn’t represent anything special, she’s not beautiful and not smart. This is not needed by a rich successful man for nothing.

The man looks at the girl and evaluates her. She's a bit fat, her hair is stupid, she lives with her mother, she's poor herself, but she acts haughty like a princess. No. Not suitable. I am a prominent man, even if I live with my parents and the car is old. The girl has neither skin nor faces. I need a 90-60-90 model, not this ordinary girl. She must earn money herself and be a rich bride with a dowry. What if he wants to chop off my apartment? Don't roll your lip on me, but I won't marry you. But she is obliged to work out a fee for a cafe in bed. Am I wasting my money?

This is how two “millionaires” of Mommy come on a date, and ordinary people themselves. A man and a girl build themselves out of someone incomprehensible. One mother's princess, and the second mother's prince. Both feel like potential millionaires and manners hoo. The girl shows an iPhone and a dolce-rich handbag. And the man turns the keys to the car and shakes his wallet. Don't you mind? These are people who have forgotten how to love, or maybe they never knew how.

A girl does a favor on a date, like the princess descended to the servants. A man considers a girl only as entertainment for the evening, only if that unsecured beauty is the daughter of wealthy parents. That's when you can get married. And the girl thinks how and to whom to sell herself at a higher price, so that she can ride like cheese in butter.

Before, everything was a little simpler and more honest. Everyone was about the same when they had not yet fooled their heads with a beautiful Hollywood life, millionaire manners and a prudent choice of a partner.

People were not afraid to meet a peasant woman, a saleswoman, a worker, a plumber, a driver, or a representative of any other specialty. All professions are needed, all professions are important. All people are also important and necessary, regardless of social status. We fell in love with people who we really liked and to whom the soul lay, and not with a set of mercantile values. You can change the job if you want, but the soul is impossible.

What now? We consider scrupulously on a calculator how much a person has and whether he is worthy of our partner? Previously, they chose for love, but now for material wealth and leg length. Just don't say it's not. Are you not like that either? Such - such, and do not wait for the tram.

The modern world is such that we have forgotten how to love, or maybe we never knew how. We learn to communicate, flirt, seduce and seek out the most profitable partner. We choose a person by their wrapper, and then we are surprised that there is no love. We try to be with people we don't really like and don't need either. And then depression, divorces and an unhappy life. Life and destiny are ruined. Drain the water.

Girls have forgotten how to love, but learned to sell. Men have forgotten how to love, but they know how to choose a girl like a cow in the market. But what's next? The girls are princesses, and the men are playboys. We are all good inside, but we behave like the last corrupt hucksters. What happened to us and how did it happen?

Why have we forgotten how to love? After all, life is very short. We will all go to another world someday. But when you are asked who you were, you will answer: "A person who did not know how to love and wasted his life in vain."

People who don't know how to love are everywhere. But do you want to be one of them? That is the question…