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Penis enlargement - exclusive techniques

Do you know how many skeptics there were when I first started practicing my technique - unmeasured, but do you know where they are now? Thanks to which you can grow at least a kilometer.

Is it possible to increase the member to a gigantic size.

I am often asked if it is really possible to enlarge the penis so that pictures can be drawn from it. No problems and in a fairly short period of time, however, there is one thing - no one guarantees that this giant will work as it should, and even more so since this change will leave unchanged (usually for the worse) all other functions of the body, or even other organs, because they will also begin to grow. Usually, for this purpose, some super-secret drug based on testosterone is injected in certain proportions, it stimulates the brain in the right direction, to the detriment of everything else, and as a result, the “end” grows, but something dries. Alas, many (if not all) drugs that are offered on our market are produced in an unknown place and by an unknown person (it’s not worth talking about blotches, labels and other accompanying entourage at all). Let's say, if, for example, a drug for 100% penis enlargement was invented in the Land of the Rising Sun, why are the inhabitants there still not distinguished by gigantism, yielding even to those who have no idea about the existence of a problem with these very sizes? Or why has there been a micropenis club among foreign millionaires for more than a century? How could such a club appear, if in any town for $22 you can buy a tool that guarantees gains and gains of 500% per month? Or who seriously believes that millionaires feel sorry for the money, and they save on such a problem of theirs? Can't they, if they wish, buy a couple of factories for the production of such special equipment, or even the whole country, which supposedly supplies the appropriate ingredients? Don't be ridiculous... In my opinion, there is no panacea in this matter, but there are quite proven folk methods, sort of sets of special conspiracies, thanks to which you can grow at least a kilometer, if only you stand as it should.

Love your dick or hate - that's the quest.

Penis enlargement at home according to my method is unlikely to give the desired number of extra centimeters, but it will definitely give strength and weight to your sexual organ, but most importantly, it will teach you how to talk to him on an equal footing. I don’t know about anyone, but watching the development of your best friend and comrade, you involuntarily remember him at all stages of growing up. Along the way, a certain effect of nepotism is triggered: all the youngest are always the smallest, despite the fact that they have long outgrown their parents and they can easily sit on their shoulder. The prevailing dependence dominates and it is she who should dominate in our attitude to various organs of the body, especially to the genital organs. I don’t plan to open any hospital for growing penises like in a greenhouse, and by and large, many of those who doubt their size hardly need it, but for those who really need to grow a “trunk” between their legs, I’ll tell you everything that for a quarter of a century I managed to accumulate on this part. So, for starters, a few unusual test questions that require extremely frank answers. Answer as honestly as possible, because no one will check anyway, except for you, of course, but in this way, at least, you will determine your complexes and, perhaps, understand what should be done. In short, for each item, give yourself points from 1 to 5 and don’t be cunning - it’s like a drum for me, but for you...

After a cool shower, stand naked in front of a mirror and... take one of the bodybuilding poses. Make a serious face at the same time, strain everything you can except for the wrinkles on your forehead and, in all seriousness, critically evaluate your appearance. Pay special attention to the genital area, and then alternately engage:

  1. torso
  2. arms
  3. butt
  4. legs
  5. penis
  6. stomach
  7. all together.

Well, what happened? Fine? Yes, you do not worry, anyway, no one sees and will not know your opinion about yourself. Now, arouse your flesh to the maximum possible state and... pass the test again with a erect penis. So to speak, include it in the general complex and see how it relates to other parts of the body.

- if you have up to 15 points in each of the tests - run, look for paper and a pen, start taking notes on everything that I will talk about below, only in the form spurs or something, or it’s somehow inconvenient to drag around with my huge book;

- if from 15 to 25 points - write down only those items that received the lowest score and then pay attention to their careful study according to the methodology;

- if over 25 points and at the same time you were objective in self-assessment - there is no need to waste time, and in general it is not clear why the hell you are being tested.

This seemingly stupid test will reveal the cause of your best friend's stunting. I repeat, if I didn’t remember the first time: if you have a complex about your own body, it means that you don’t respect and don’t love it. Let me ask then, why should others treat it differently, and why should the body itself strive for physical or spiritual growth? Since you yourself deprive your organs of attention, you won’t remember with a kind word, only reproaches, secret thoughts to have a giant penis, with which you can go to bed, that you can go into a sword fight, leave it, because it’s unlikely that anything will come of it. Before you start growing your treasure, you need to feel the most real brotherly love for him, while talking to him on an equal footing, as with a real member of society, not as a member of an organ.

Do you know how many skeptics there were when I first started practicing my technique - unmeasured, but do you know where they are now? - Beaten to death with the penises of those who began to practice this very method of growing a penis on my terms.

A joke is a joke, but it really helped and helps many, because confidence in oneself and one's own strengths is, perhaps, the main thing that determines the health and proper development of our organs. I'll give you a tiny little example that clearly confirms my theory, and if it doesn't convince you, well, there's already a micropenis club in Europe.

The brain fulfills any of our wishes, if it is constructive and persistent. Do you know what levitation is? It is the ability of a body to acquire a negative mass. Think you can fly. What compared to this for the brain to give the command to grow a few extra centimeters in the genital area...

That's the problem with guys who never set out to find mutual understanding with their own body in general and the genitourinary system in particular, often reproaching him for failures and for small, in their opinion, dimensions. You can disagree with my opinion, buy yourself miracle drugs and mechanisms that abundantly cover the shelves of sex shops - the choice is yours.

Basic penis enlargement technique at home.

If you still have a desire to make yourself a real macho, be patient for half a year or a year and you will definitely succeed. I warn you, many points of the methodology require an increase in physical activity on various muscle groups, so you will have to put pressure on physical education unambiguously. Pay attention to exercises that will tighten the muscles, make them more prominent, but in no case do not use all sorts of steroids and nutritional supplements and other nonsense. Here is just the case when "chemistry" can interfere with physiology. These attempts can reduce the effect not even to zero - to drive it into minuses (I will write a subtitle, where I will describe in detail the bad thing that various drugs do to the body). Only in parallel with this, one should begin to deal with the main thing - the native and beloved penis, because a fabulous organ on a frail ugly body is hardly a woman's dream.

First of all, all pubic and testicular hair should be shaved off (now this has to be done as regularly as shaving). Let the crotch be bald, like the head of a criminal, especially since such a hairstyle is now in fashion. The tsimus of this approach is that the new image, even when lying down, appears in all its details from all sides, and any of its qualitative changes will not go unnoticed. Take a camera and regularly “click” the penis from one angle, and put the pictures in order of priority into some album (it’s better to do this in digital and put the pictures into a computer). Just do not forget to evaluate each change, both in writing and in front of the mirror aloud with intonation appropriate for the occasion. To avoid irritation in the genital area and the perineum itself, observe hygiene.

And forget all the "mufoloxes" and "dermofaxes" out there - if such things were as effective as the advertisements indicate, would so many people really need to be lengthened or thickened? Although I admit that expensive superfoods give rise to hope in a utterly upset brain, and that, in turn, launches a dormant program that directs growth and development. Well, they say, he has not grown up to the desired state of the owner. And you thought that all this is really the prerogative of a certain department of the brain and absolutely everyone has the opportunity to run this program if they find the most effective way. In general, it is better to spend money not on medicines, but on competent sexual partners, who in themselves are unique catalysts for the process of harmonious development of male genitalia.


General exercises for penis enlargement

The following exercises should be done three times a day for six months:

- palms

Carefully shaved washed penis is lubricated with any moisturizer, then clamped with the ribs of the palms and massaged towards the head with rather strong, but not painful movements, as if trying to stretch it out or like rolling sausages from plasticine. Such an exercise is done only in a calm state of the body, although a small erection is allowed. And so - 5-6 times. At this moment, it is necessary to repeat a special phrase-code, which is actually selected individually. However, you can take the basic options from the application and try them - the one that sticks to short-term memory like a line from an annoying song - it is your formative positive human code. Of course, it would be more productive to study your biography, the reasons for your striving for gigantism, but I think it will do. At the same time, without fail, only the most positive attitude that is possible. Over time, everything will turn out automatically, and it will be possible to periodically repeat the exercises even without physical activity. However, it is better to do everything without stepping back from the cycle. By the way, the code phrase can subsequently control the penis even without the intervention of the main processes of the brain, and this is oh so useful when you have to have sex contrary to your sympathies.

- nettle

The foreskin is pulled over the head of the penis, it is taken from above in the hand and twisting movements of the skin are made from the base of the penis to its head in a clockwise direction and counterclockwise. The presence of a slight burning sensation, redness of the skin and even small bruises is allowed, but do not overdo it, because everything should be within tolerance. Such an exercise should also be done only on the organ in a calm state and it is carried out all the same 5-6 times. And there is no need to introduce new human codes (redundant for brain concentration), those that were with the “palms” will fit quite well, but thoughts about the penis should focus on a specific subject that you failed to get into bed, for which you blamed the lack of significance of your own dignity in the area of ​​the penis. Well, at least you thought so at the time. In general, you mentally give your member a message of maximum concentration. No, you don’t complain to him at all, you ask him for help, offer partnership for centuries, promise never to let you down in exchange for his full support in all your beginnings and “endings”... You introduce him to all your preferences in sex and try to get him out of the subconscious his preferences. Yes, imagine, the penis has its own desires in sex, but a man, due to some restrictions, is forced to constantly crush them. And remember, joking, as some do, to waste time, because you can’t deceive yourself, especially your own “I”. Know that all thoughts, words, surroundings, quite specifically prescribed in the subcortex in the form of a specific script (script), and then acts with a bang. He himself personally checked more than once and in such extreme conditions (with witnesses) that a mere mortal would not dream.

- breaking

But this is done already on an erect penis, so it is undesirable to overdo it here, because breaking is easy, but restoring - alas... Imagine that the penis is the most ordinary joystick, and you play some action there (for those who do not know: a joystick is like a gearshift lever in a car). Firmly but gently pinch the naked head with your fingers (if the sensitivity is high, it is possible through the foreskin) and make chaotic movements in different directions to the threshold angles of deviation, which can be felt by pain at the base of the penis. At the same time, this should not be associated with monosex, that is, masturbation - this is a game with a joystick and nothing more. Try to focus on that. The exercise is carried out as always 5-6 times, and after a few sessions it will be possible to turn on the resistance to the applied efforts, for which you should strain the muscles of the anus and perineum as much as possible, as if trying to fight the member with the hand. And do not forget to form two areas or centers in the brain (call it what you want), one of which will be for the penis and its resistance, and the other for the hand. This is important, because in the future it will allow to decentralize management by forming a co-processor in the field of sex with the necessary priorities. In life with such opportunities, you will not be equal in sex, because even complete antipathy towards a partner, due to which not a single normal person will be able to perform sexual intercourse, you can always control another center and achieve everything that is necessary in any scenario. And if you move the trained muscles of the penis in the vagina...

- toffee

It is done in any condition of the penis. The skin of the testicles is pulled back between the legs (hand behind), but you pull only on the skin of the scrotum, not on the testicles themselves. Not sharply, not strongly, but quite noticeable in order to feel some pain at the base of the penis and in the frenulum. With each tension, the muscles of the perineum should be maximally strained, as if resisting. This exercise is carried out 5-6 times. At the same time, you can’t twist or squeeze the testicles - the organs are super sensitive and any wrong movement is fraught. Read about them to know what's going on. Thanks to such suffering, the penis will expose its frame to the maximum and appear in all its glory. Constantly repeating the human code, at this moment it is possible and even necessary to express admiration for your sexual organ, especially since in this form it, even the smallest one, is magnificent. For example, I think like this: “Your mother, it’s necessary, what a treasure lives between my legs! Yes, for him, not only to the end of the world, to the end of the universe, you can rush, even on a scooter! Yes, monuments should be erected to him! Yes, I have The Best From The Best! Against this background, visually build it up to the size you need, as if setting the task for the brain to start the growth mechanism. After this happens, all exercises are only additional poultices and nothing more, but they should not be abandoned until very old age. And don't chase records. Don't forget that the hyper-dimensions will resonate with the physical control forces of the uplift and stamina mechanisms. There is a certain dependence of the mechanism of penis lifting and blood circulation in the body. The larger the reservoir for filling, the more difficult it is to maintain an erection in it.

- rubbing

With a soft terry towel, you should smoothly but surely rub both the penis, and the testicles, and the entire perineum along with the intergluteal region to a warm state, not to the calluses of course. This exercise is done as always - 5-6 times. It provides a better blood flow in the genital area, which has a beneficial effect on the nutrition of all the necessary parts of the urogenital body. Thoughts at the same time should be not only positive, but also constructive. Personally, I imagine how liters of my blood carry food (building materials) to my mighty penis, how its lacunae are stretched and enlarged, adding length and volume... and, after all, he adds, his mother. You will make sure when you see the difference between an erection on a positive background and an erection on a negative background.

Outcome of penis enlargement technique.

Agree, nothing special. And really nothing, except for the very code phrase that controls the consciousness and subconscious. From the outside it looks like an ordinary massage with idiotic mumbling, but only from the side. Sorry reader, but if you think like that, the development of the penis will take the slowest step, stopping when you think about it in a way that it would not like. It is necessary to mentally control every signal coming from the genitals and instantly respond to it, satisfying any urgent need. Believe me, you will feel when a member begins to enjoy life. He is like a child - the more attention you give him, the faster and better his development goes. Whether our thoughts are capable of materialization - of course, it is only necessary to formulate them correctly and strengthen them with the appropriate concentration, which is what the very muttering (man-codes) serves for.

Guys and men, alas, I can not specify specific centimeters of length and girth for your tools of pleasure in relation to time. And not only me, but any other honest person will not be able to do this, because the body of each man is unique.

My friend, for example, specifically laughs while reading the methodology over his shoulder - this is his right. And he will never practice it, but even if he tries, it is unlikely to help. Here you need desire and constant application of effort, work. I don’t pretend to be a healer at all, and I don’t pretend to be a charlatan, and in general no one offers me any role anywhere, but thanks to the strict implementation of the simple rules of the methodology, after a while you will lose many problems associated with sex life and dissatisfaction with size his body - that's for sure. But the most important thing is that the dissatisfaction of the penis (of course, not the penis, but your subconscious mind) with your attitude towards it will disappear. Then you will know what you are capable of in this sexual life. By the way, you will immediately feel the beginning of growth, and the opportunity to negotiate with yourself in this topic too. Just don’t reduce communication with the penis to a set of commands like “down!”, “stand!”. For you, it is not just some kind of organ, but no offense to other organs, it will be said - it is part of the system thanks to which people are born and receive the best pleasures in their lives. That is why I tried for myself and now I am sharing it with you, and you yourself decide what to do.