Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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Only the strong and confident are lucky in life. How to become one of them?

Often we don't even realize that those who behave like that are usually lucky. Confident people achieve their goals in life more easily, find friends and a soulmate faster. Only the strong and confident are lucky in life. Cool ways to be one of them.

"A person may be a genius or have all the necessary skills, but if he does not believe in himself, he will not give his best." Mark Zuckerberg

Doubt and uncertainty have killed many promising people. By their timidity, they made themselves losers when they were passed around the corner by more courageous ones. It's time to be strong, not timid and modest. The strong sleep with beauties and drive good cars, while modest ones huddle in their complexes.

How to become strong and confident?

1. Increase your attractiveness. The easiest way to gain confidence is to take care of yourself. Make a good hairstyle, watch the vegetation and take care of your face. Keep your teeth healthy and your breath fresh. Clean your ears, trim your nails, and shower daily. When you are confident in your appearance, you are more powerful in everything else.

2. Feel comfortable being alone. Walk, go to the cinema, visit exhibitions and cafes alone. You should not feel uncomfortable because you are now without company and alone.

3. Behave decently. Straighten your shoulders and don't slouch. Walk calmly and confidently. Speak loudly, clearly and slowly. Show people your strength and calm behavior.

4. Wear nice clothes. Whether male or female, beautiful clothes make us feel different. Beautiful clothes will increase self-confidence. Buy yourself some nice underwear. You will feel at your best.

5. Encourage yourself. Tell yourself in front of the mirror how good you look and how good you are. Do not forget to praise yourself, it will add confidence.

6. Associate with strong and positive people. There are people who criticize you, carry negative emotions or whine. Avoid toxic people. Associate with positive, confident, strong and friendly people.

7. Celebrate your victories. When you regularly set short-term and long-term goals, you consistently achieve them. Write down your goals and then mark completed. When you feel success, victory and progress, you begin to be more confident in yourself.

8. Go in for sports. Exercise 2-3 times a week. It can be home workouts, running, gym or martial arts. Training and sports make a person more self-confident. He feels the power in the body and subconsciously behaves accordingly.

Only the strong and confident are lucky in life. What are you?