On the realities of life

Over time, you become more cynical and tougher. But it normal. It is right. Finally, look at this world for real, and not through eight layers of rose-colored glasses and this strained positive.

Over time, you become more cynical and tougher.

Sometimes you go to VK, you are forced to watch ads, read the news - everything is in quotes, with a horoscope at the ready.

Wherever you spit - everywhere there are only pretentious bitches, self-taught psychologists, as well as suffering from love, insulted, humiliated and other living creatures.

You might think that everyone has problems, everyone is feeling bad today:

blah. «

A bunch of psychological communities organized according to the principle of "Let's go together."

The scheme is simple: the first groans, the sympathizers imitate the Greek chorus “Find! Open up! Compose! Look! Love! Go to the world, you are waiting there.

This also applies to the many “lifesaver” trainings in the style of: “you are now shit, but you can do more, get up and go”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all denying the importance of psychological help at a difficult moment - the tendency to declare any life bullshit as this difficult moment annoys me.

You might think that everyone has moral injuries right from childhood, and they are all unhappy.

In that case, where should I go, cheerful and evil?

I don't like pink snot and unproductive whining in any form. It annoys me.

As long as a person not only speaks his problems out loud, but also makes real efforts to solve them, this is reasonable and worthy of respect.

As soon as whining goes into the background, you need to boldly close the door in front of such people with their infantile irresponsibility.

Finally, look at this world for real, and not through eight layers of rose-colored glasses and this strained positive:

1. This world is sometimes unfair

This is fine. Just remember.

2. You are not unique

You have the same two arms, two legs, head and ass as 99% of the population. Believe me, there is nothing outstanding about you.

And to make it happen, go to work: on yourself or your hands, but first, at least wash the dishes behind you.

And you are not a creative spiritual person at all, which no one understands and all your “deep” thoughts are of no value.


Yes, we are all ordinary and speak platitudes. Even presidents. And the most important things are short, simple and clear.

3. Nobody cares about your problems

They have their own. This is normal, because deep down you don’t care about other people’s difficulties either.

Especially angry at you all over the world, human evolution, your approaching old age and leaving with every second of time. They're not on purpose, they're just designed that way.

4. Stop worrying about what people think of you

Firstly, they don't think that often, secondly, they don't give a fuck about you, but thirdly, they strive to get confused about what you think about them.

5. You do not represent absolutely any importance

There are seven billion snouts on earth, you cannot be seen with a magnifying glass in this sea. Therefore, immediately understand that you as a person are actually interesting only to a limited circle of people.

These are your parents, your children, a husband or wife, a few friends and a dozen acquaintances. Everything.

If you have this circle and you are really important to them, you are lucky. If not... you understand, right? See point 1.

6. Don't whine

If you can solve a problem, solve it. If you decide, well done.

If you can't decide, lie down and die. Or shut your mouth, lock yourself up at home and feel sorry for yourself, rereading paragraphs 1 and 3.

7. You are mortal

Sometimes suddenly. Keep this in mind. And be glad you're alive. It's not as long as you would like.

Therefore, try to enjoy every day and event in your life.

In the end, in two generations you will simply be forgotten. At all. And for posterity, you will be just a food chain of evolution.

8. Rely only on yourself

Life is long, anything can happen in it, in addition there is point 1.

Remember that you do nothing to anyone You don't have to and no one owes you anything.

Major and minor troubles are bound to happen, regardless of your behavior and spiritual merit.

It happens to everyone. Nobody is perfect and nobody is immune from anything.

9. Do not think positively

Set yourself realistic goals. And move towards achievement. Don't be the "initiator", be the one who sees things through to the end. Be result oriented!

However, you won't get richer than Bill Gates or sleep with half of Hollywood. Realize this already and stop dreaming.

10. Change

If you do nothing today, your tomorrow will be the same as yesterday. It is important that this does not drag on for decades, because every day there is less and less chance of changing something.

11. Appreciate what you have.

Including value your family, your children and those who love and appreciate you.

12. Live in reality

What now seems to you as “objective reality” is actually a very random collection of fantasies about the world from a variety of sources.