Old and not always good myths about sex.

Men worry about what life and sexual resources are allotted to them. Myths about sex.

In modern medicine, the idea that each man is naturally assigned a certain number of sexual acts is considered a myth. The authorship of this myth is attributed to the doctrine of O. Effertz, put forward by him in 1894. It was O. Effertz who expressed confidence that every man from birth can have 5400 ejaculations and, as if having exhausted his supply, he will come to sexual impotence.

Science refutes this.

How many sexual acts men should have has been argued, probably, since the creation of the world.

The Holy Book of the Talmud states that "Twice a week is enough." Oddly enough, but many modern sexologists think the same way. However, modern mass culture puts sex on stream and, after watching TV shows and reading books and media, it sometimes seems that men are rabbits...

So some young men try to impress women with their sexual capabilities, trying to fulfill more acts in one meeting.

Doctors say that it is not worth wearing out your body. With excessive zeal, physical weakness may set in, and mental faculties will drop to zero.

Harmless same number of sexual acts, how many of them end in ejaculation. Lack of ejaculation speaks of exhaustion at the moment and the dangers of continuing contacts.

Urologists advise men to have sex about 5 times a week, which, in their opinion, reduces the risk of prostate cancer by a third, since carcinogens that are concentrated during the formation of sperm are removed from the body in time.

That is, neither excess nor abstinence is beneficial. Both a large load on the prostate and testicles, and its absence lead to stagnation in the above organs.

At the same time, you need to consider your temperament and age.

Each person has a different sexual constitution.

People living in a warm climate are more temperamental than northerners.

The southern climate has a positive effect on the level of testosterone in the blood

Therefore, Latin Americans and other peoples who do not know cold winters are so temperamental.

With age, a man's testosterone level begins to slowly decrease, and his sexual desire also decreases accordingly. But for most men, this happens very slowly, and many retain the desire for sex throughout their lives.

They say that intellect interferes with sex…

That is, the more time a man takes to study, work, hobbies, the less time he has left for sex.

Often this is called sublimation, that is, the transformation of sexual energy into something creative.

A person writes novels, pictures, makes scientific discoveries and experiences an orgasm from his inspiration and accomplishments.

Power and money also absorb sexual energy.

In general, the opinions of most sexologists, psychologists and other specialists agree that you can have sex as much as you want. And in order for it to be useful for physical and mental health, one should indulge in love passion with a loved one. Author: Natalia Antonova