Notes about money. 50 signs to keep money flowing

In modern times, no one believes and does not observe folk signs, but we try not to violate financial ones. It’s more expensive for yourself to ignore signs about money and well-being. There are many superstitions for attracting and keeping money that still work. It is important to observe financial and monetary signs constantly. If you value and respect money, then it is true to you. But as soon as you start to scatter or neglect, the money immediately leaves.

Signs and superstitions accumulate flows of monetary energy, which allows you to have a prosperous life. All wealthy and wealthy people follow certain rules. If you break signs, neglect money and break the rules, then expect trouble. Money loves respect, reverence and commitment to it. Follow the rules and folk signs to be rich and successful. What rituals will bring financial well-being to the house?

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Signs about money

1. Money should be respected and honored. Disrespectful or neglectful attitude can lead to poverty, then the money will stop coming. Treat money and banknotes with respect, regardless of their dignity, then they will love you.

2. Keep an optimistic, cheerful, active and positive mood. Money and luck go to happy people, but bypass the sad, problematic, complaining, whining and unhappy.

3. The wallet must be of good quality and natural. What color wallet should I choose? The color of money and wealth is red, green, black, gold. Outsiders should not see the contents of the wallet. When buying a new wallet, you can not throw away the old one. The path lies somewhere at home, so as not to disturb the existing financial flows.

4. Banknotes in the wallet must not be wrinkled or in disorder. They should be decomposed from a larger denomination to a smaller one, but always with the front side of the bills to the owner.

5. Give money without regret, and receive it with pleasure and joy. These are the basics of money management.

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6. In one of the departments of a wallet or purse, it will be good to wear some kind of talisman for wealth. It can be a fiat coin, a lucky bill or a talisman of well-being. So in the wallet there will be a center of gravity for finance.

7. It is forbidden to take money from hand to hand. First, they need to be placed on a table, store counter, or other surface. Avoid passing from hand to hand in any direction so that money flows.

8. Carry a money talisman in your wallet for financial well-being. The following talismans bring money: a Chinese coin, a money three-legged toad, a small spoon, a silver coin, a banknote, a four-leaf clover, a lock with a key, an endless eight, a financial pig, a dragon, a turtle, a lucky horseshoe, a bill of one or two American dollars. The Taoist practice of Feng Shui speaks of the importance of talismans. This will bring the necessary financial energy and make life prosperous.

9. Which hand to take and give money? You should give money and pay with your left hand, and take it back with your right. This is an important financial sign that you should always remember.

10. Try to repay the debt in small bills to maintain a powerful financial aura. Large bills are a powerful source of monetary energy, which it is better not to part with in this way. By giving away small banknotes, we guarantee ourselves further financial growth.

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11. Visit good, respectable and expensive places to absorb their financial energy: boutiques, cafes, restaurants. You can not even spend money, but just take a walk, drink a cup of coffee or buy any little thing.

12. It is good to put a bill under the tablecloth of the dinner table to bring prosperity and abundance to the house. Our ancestors did this in order to attract prosperity and well-being to the family.

13. Keep money in a cozy place where they are laid out at face value. Always leave the small ones at the bottom and the large ones at the very bottom. It is good to keep money in a beautiful and spacious wallet.

14. There should not be anything extra in the wallet, as we used to do. Numerous pieces of paper, business cards, useless discount cards, receipts, checks, photographs and other nonsense take away the energy of money. Remove everything unnecessary from your wallet if you dream of financial well-being.

15. Casual or easy money is better spent on entertainment and shopping.

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16. Get rid of a lot of change in your wallet. It is better to give in a store or give alms. Don't carry a lot of small things with you. This is a sign of poverty.

17. Debts and payments are best done in the morning. Giving money in the evening is a bad omen for money.

18. After receiving a salary or income, do not rush to spend it. Let the money rest for a day and get used to you. Let the money spend the night at home with the owner. Only then can you start paying bills.

19. Spend more time with successful and wealthy people. Their positive financial aura will spread to you too. At the same time, avoid problematic, poor, unhappy and unfortunate people. With whom you lead, from that you will gain.

20. Always keep paper money in your wallet, even if you are used to paying by card. The emptiness in the wallet can become permanent if you do not fill it with money.

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21. Taking a stray cat or cat off the street would be a great idea. From a domestic cat, well-being and prosperity will go to the house.

22. A coin should be placed under the rug at the entrance house. This will preserve and increase wealth. This sign is very old, but always works.

23. Borrowing money on Tuesday is not recommended, so as not to be in debt all your life, like silks.

24. It is better to borrow money with your left hand. If you use the right one, then there may be problems with the return.

25. Count cash to get a financial boost. Let it be a stash or just a stack of money. Count them, smell the money and feel rich. But you can't count money in the evenings.

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26. Hang a nice picture in your house with a picture of a pond. This will fuel abundance in the home.

27. Get rid of unnecessary and old things in the house. They take away the necessary energy and pull into poverty. Avoid empty vessels that stand in prominent places. Fill them up or put a coin on the bottom.


28. The broom is placed in a corner in the house with the handle down. This will bring comfort, prosperity and abundance to your home. But you can not have two brooms or more.

29. It is best to keep savings in the living room, hall or kitchen. You will oversleep money in the bedroom, it will leak in the bathroom, and it’s clear in the toilet.

30. When receiving a salary or income, one should give a little to those in need. All donations and assistance are returned double.

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31. Do not give alms while looking into the eyes of the beneficiary. You can’t give it to your hand, because this is how you give your luck, well-being and happiness to an outsider. Give only coins, and save the bills for yourself.

32. It is best to give money on Sunday, then they will increase their own well-being. Tuesday and Saturday are suitable for giving money. Sharing on Monday and Friday should be avoided so as not to incur losses.

33. Throwing garbage in the evening is a bad omen for money. Always take out the trash in the morning. You can’t throw away bread, it’s better to make croutons, feed it to birds or give it to fish.

34. It is better to raise banknotes on the street so that the money “does not take offense”, which threatens with financial losses. It is better to raise a coin lying with an eagle at the top, and come by tails.

35. Do not borrow money for entertainment or stupid purchases. You can borrow money, but these should be reasonable goals: education, business development, buying real estate.

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36. You can not envy someone else's well-being, success and happiness. You can invite trouble financial and life. Rejoice in other people's success, but do not envy. Folk sign seems to punish the envious.

37. Leaking plumbing and faucets have a bad effect on the energy of the house. Repair immediately to avoid financial leaks and monetary losses.

38. You can't whistle at home. There will definitely be money problems. Money doesn't like whistling.

39. Is there a spider at home? Do not kill him, because he brings prosperity and financial well-being.

40. Seal up all the holes in your clothes and pockets so that well-being does not slip through the holes.

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A man clinks glasses with a woman, and a woman with a man. Married people are the last to clink glasses among themselves.

42. You can not cut your own hair, so you can scare off wealth and money.

43. Do not throw anything out the window or from the balcony, so as not to accidentally get rid of well-being and luck.

44. It is better not to put a hat on the table, do not keep empty bottles, do not scatter money, do not leave the keys and do not sit on it yourself. Money will not flow.

45. Do not clean the house after sunset. Why take out wealth?

46. Signs about money are often associated with the entrance to the house. Do not stand on the threshold for a long time, otherwise it will be difficult for money to enter the house. Do not pass anything over the threshold, so as not to invite trouble.

47. Always give small tips in establishments. Usually they leave 5-10%, depending on the amount of the order and the quality of service. All money will then be returned twice.

48. Money loves silence. Bragging about receiving a large amount, salary or income leads to financial losses. The stream of money will gradually begin to dry up, especially if ill-wishers or bad people hear about it. Share financial secrets only with those closest to you.

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49. Saving money should not be for a rainy day and trouble. You should save for travel, an apartment, business, business, education and other positive things. Luck and money will be on your side if you do this. Collect and save money for dreams.

50. Do you want to bring wealth and prosperity into your life? Buy an expensive and good thing to carry with you. It can be an accessory, a watch or a piece of jewelry. But you can not let other people try on.

Do you want to be rich and wealthy? It is important to preserve the flows of financial energy, and observe monetary signs. Then money, luck, prosperity, abundance and financial prosperity are provided.