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No need to be shy

Embarrassment has ruined more of your desires and dreams than the complexities of life. Hears the word "no" only to the one who asks or tries too timidly. No need to be ashamed of your desires, plans, goals, complexes, appearance, hobbies or thoughts. Shyness prevents you from being yourself, which does not allow you to feel at ease, fully open up and fulfill yourself 100%. You don't have to be modest if you want to have the life of your dreams.

In different years of life, we are attacked by shyness, which does not allow us to do what we really want. We live someone else's life and do not use our full potential. But the most interesting thing is that almost everyone is shy, modest and afraid.

  • We are afraid to state our desires for something or someone.
  • We hesitate to claim what is rightfully ours.
  • We avoid fighting and yielding to others.
  • We are modest and afraid to appear wrong.
  • We are afraid of not meeting other people's expectations or requirements.
  • We are ashamed to hear criticism or condemnation from outside.

No need to be shy. All this constraint only destroys dreams. Do not sabotage your prospects with excessive timidity and self-doubt. You don't need the approval and permission of others. You will never be all good and kind, no matter how hard you try. There will always be dissatisfied and irritated envious people. Should I be shy? No.

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Usually, over time, we become bolder and more straightforward. If earlier we were embarrassed to do or say something, then with age the barriers disappear. Why shouldn't you be shy? We deserve more and are able to take what we were even afraid to think before. It is better to stop being shy as early as possible so as not to miss all the good opportunities and good chances.

Stupid shyness never helped anyone. Confident bravado is better if you want to get a valuable award, a high-paying job, a beautiful girl, good friends or a prize. Any valuable piece is won, and does not fall as a gift from the sky.

No need to be shy

1. Say “no” or refuse, but do not apologize. It's all right.

2. It is normal to admit that you do not know or do not understand something.

3. Feel free to talk about your feelings and love, and not hide.

4. Not caring what other people think of you.

5. Tell the truth to your face rather than lie to make someone happier.

6. No fear of doing something strange or ridiculous.

7. Stand up for yourself so that later it would be repulsive to offend and even look askance.

8. Be silent when you do not want to speak.

9. Know how to be selfish and defend your interests.

10. Maintain calmness and firmness when communicating with the opposite sex.

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11. Asking for money that was borrowed from you is very correct.

12. Walking down the street and realizing that you are moving in the wrong direction, you boldly turn around. You don't pretend to forget something.

13. Use the power of pause, keeping time for greater effect.

14. Look people in the eye openly and without embarrassment.

15. Ask questions when you want to know or understand something.

16. Respond to criticism and accusations with a smile rather than an apology.

17. Stop pretending that you are a nice guy. Let your bad boy be himself.

18. Visit unfamiliar places and talk to unfamiliar people.

19. It's normal to go to the cinema, theater, concert, festival or exhibition alone.

20. Travel independently and enjoy adventures.

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21. Feel free to speak a foreign language without being afraid of your accent.

22. Don't be shy about dancing, even if you don't know how. It's not as important as the internal drive.

23. Be confident, walk calmly, speak firmly.

24. Eat or drink anywhere alone.

25. Buy condoms and always use them.

26. Do not be afraid to be vicious, corrupted and bad.


27. Send impudent people and answer them in their own language. Only then will they understand.

28. Stop being afraid of your voice and appearance.

29. Leave any party or place at any time.

30. Openly make love, declare your desires, be frank and liberated.

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31. Ask for help when you need it. No need to be shy.

32. Go to places alone, where you usually want to go in pairs.

33. Compliment and say beautiful things without being afraid of anything or anyone.

34. Have fun and indulge in hobbies without looking back.

35. Talk about feeling unwell or sick when you do.

36. Straight shoulders and forward chest is your style.

37. Openly say what you think if you wish. Or be silent when there is no desire to crucify.

38. Be in public what you want to be.

39. Public speaking is a good chance for a leader.

40. Walk away from toxic people and ignore them.

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41. Sing, dance and do what you want at the moment.

42. Strike enemies early and strike first in a fight.

43. Start conversations with new people and companies.

44. Letting your oddities and your demons out.

45. Take responsibility for the looseness of love.

46. Pissing directly into the water in the toilet bowl, feigning dominance.

47. Engage in satisfaction, in the absence of a partner or even presence.

48. Bad habits are bad. But you yourself decide and choose a way of life.

49. Live your life according to your own opinion, not the expectations of other people.

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50. Laugh and smile from the heart.

Life gets a little shorter every day. There is no need to be shy if you want to take everything from her. Modest and timid scumbags never get what they want. So throw modesty in the trash. You will have confidence, courage and firmness. This is enough to take everything else from fate.