no luck with girls

Agree, it happens that you liked a girl, you met her recently, or have known each other for a long time, you show signs of attention to her, show her your indifference, or you may have already openly told her about your feelings, but she does not reciprocated. At these moments, of course, not the most pleasant sensations arise, self-esteem tends to zero, you feel humiliated and insulted. In the life of almost every person there were such moments. After all, not everyone likes us and not everyone likes us. It happens and there is nothing wrong with it.

But it also happens that not one girl, but several or almost all of them, refused you. Here you begin to wonder why this is happening and what is wrong with you. Today we will talk about a topic that interests thousands of guys in our world - "why are you unlucky with girls?".

What can I do to be lucky with girls?

Surely in your environment or in your company there are guys who like girls. Watch how they behave, analyze why they are so attractive to the opposite sex, and evaluate what they have that is not in you.

Let's look at what kind of guys girls like, and what are the ways to get girls' attention.

1. Girls like "bad boys"

Very often you can see that "bad guys" - let's call them hooligans, always like girls. Why do you think?

And everything is very simple - these guys have a bright, extraordinary charisma! There is a solid core, self-respect and a clear position in life. They don't care what people think of them in society, they are more interested in their own interests.

A girl feels secure and protected next to such a guy, like behind a stone wall. After all, such a “bad guy” regards the girl as his property and, believe me, he will not allow encroaching on his “thing”. Of course, such a guy can also fall in love very strongly, but his attitude towards the girl will still be possessive. But girls like it, mind you. Girls generally like to "belong to a strong man"!

2. Girls like authoritative guys who are respected and listened to

Girls like guys with an active lifestyle, leaders, respected by other people. Any girl is pleased if she was chosen by an "Alpha male", whose status is appreciated not only by other girls, but also accepted by other "males". She is madly flattered, and he adds additional bonuses in her eyes.

3. Girls like guys who are "public", "the soul of the company" and "in-house"

Again, girls like guys who like the majority. And cheerful and sociable guys, “easy-going”, just like the majority, so they are more often paid attention to.

4. Girls like generous men

Often girls, young and not only, evaluate a man's love for himself by the criterion of his generosity towards her. It is important for a girl that her loved one does not save on her. The subconscious mind tells her that a generous man will be able to provide a prosperous future for her and her children. In general, a woman's brain regards a man's generosity towards her as a demonstration of his love, respect, recognition and acceptance. Therefore, generous guys pluck more bonuses than greedy guys, keep in mind.

5. Girls like caring guys

how she had lunch, if she was tired, maybe she could help with something around the house, then this is of particular value and special significance.

We are all children in the depths of our souls and love to be taken care of at least sometimes, or just gently hugged and consoled with some words. Especially tender female nature needs such protection. Therefore, if you carefully take an interest in her well-being and affairs, offer her help, and in moments of despair hug and stroke her hair, promising to solve all her problems, she will appreciate it 100%, you know.

Why are you unlucky with girls?

Let's now look at what guys girls DON'T like, and what behaviors are most likely to turn them off.

1. A man with low self-esteem

Girls do not like guys who do not respect themselves, and who are not respected by society, even if it is not safe with such a guy - he will not be able to protect them both mentally and physically. And then he will not be able to defend either his own interests or the interests of his family. Therefore, girls run away from such guys quickly, quickly, as they say, “dropping slippers”, because there are no prospects at all.

If you are in this category of guys, I advise you to take some worthwhile self-esteem course in order to raise it to the desired level. Otherwise, with such self-esteem, you will not only not create normal, healthy relationships with people, but you will not build a family either. The result - you to a psychologist (or read our blog further, perhaps you will learn a lot of things you need).

2. Guys that are too good

Most girls don't like boys that are too good or too perfect because they aren't as fun to be around as the bad boys (I'm not talking about alcohol and drugs, I think you understand. We do not consider these categories at all, because a normal girl with a healthy self-esteem will not choose such a candidate for her life partner). Girls like charisma, a certain devilry in a guy (by the way, guys in girls also like it), so that it would not be boring with him. The right guys, of course, also like the girls, but much less often, the category is "an amateur", let's say so.

3. Greedy men

Girls do not like greedy gentlemen, because it offends her very much, hurts and offends. Judge for yourself - she gives you all of herself, her soul, her body (you know what I mean), and when it comes to your money, you are somehow in no hurry to share it (or give something to her). This offends and humiliates the girls very much, it hits her self-esteem badly, she feels like a cheap piece of meat that is used and neglected. The subconscious screams to its mistress that he is now saving on her during the candy-bouquet period, and what will happen later when she gives birth to children? She will have to beg for food for herself and the children, and he will reproach her with a piece of bread until she works on maternity leave. Why does she need such a gentleman?!

Therefore, if you are too economical and even greedy, reconsider your views, perhaps this is precisely the reason why you are unlucky with girls.

4. Selfish men

Girls do not like it when guys see them only as a beautiful wrapper and do not care at all about the feelings and health of their chosen one. Again, her subconscious mind draws pictures of how weak or sick she is, and he, completely “not worrying”, lights up in a nightclub with other girls. Accordingly, such a character trait also does not attract the weaker sex.

To summarize the above: dig inside yourself and see what traits you have from those that we have just considered. Evaluate, think, look at yourself from the outside. Are you comfortable living like this? Comfortable? If not, then you need to change yourself and change your attitude towards girls. As the saying goes, “keep it simple and the girls will reach out to you”!