New season of Belarus Fashion Week

From October 30 to November 4, 2012, the 5th edition of Belarus Fashion Week of the Spring-Summer 2013 season will be held in Minsk., which is undoubtedly convenient for guests and participants of the Fashion Week.

The list of designers of Belarus Fashion Week SS 2013 will expand significantly, this season it is planned to show several guest collections. Nevertheless, the leading Belarusian designers representing the fashion of our country today will prevail on the BFW podium.

The novelty of this season of Belarus Fashion Week will be the organization of the second Off Schedule platform for shows of young designers and presentation of new brands outside the main podium.

In the new season, Belarus Fashion Week will continue to cooperate with the leading fashion channel Fashion One (, as well as a number of professional publications such as ProFashion, Fashion Report (Russia), ATELIER (Ukraine), ESH, PINK (Belarus), etc.

In addition, the BFW Organizing Committee will present the official printed edition of the fashion week - the BFW Daily newspaper - which will be distributed daily among the visitors of Belarus Fashion Week in the BFW pavilion, as well as in the best institutions of Minsk.

Internet audience of Belarus Fashion Week will not be left without attention either. The organization of online broadcasting of shows will make it possible to inform people who follow fashion events in real time as much as possible.

Thanks to the foreign guests of the Fashion Week, Belarus Fashion Week will get the right to be called an international fashion platform.

In addition to shows at the main pavilion, the Belarus Fashion Week program will include a number of official side projects of the BFW Organizing Committee, such as the New Names BFW competition for young designers, the Fashion Study Centre, the Fashion Blog Competition for bloggers and fashion journalists, fashion shows for CHILDREN'S FASHION and a series of official receptions.

We invite you to participate in the 5th edition of Belarus Fashion Week SS 2013!

If you are interested in cooperation or participation in the Belarus Fashion Week program, please write to us:

[email protected] (designers, enterprises); [email protected] (buyers, showroom participants); [email protected] (general questions, international guests).

Also for additional information, call: + 375 232 40 39 39 +375 291 41 98 20 (velcom)

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