New names of Belorussian Fashion Week.

As part of the Belorussian Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2012, the Crystal Nymph Fashion and Beauty Center will organize a competition for young designers “New Names BFW”.

Belarusian jersey? What associations do you have when you mention this phrase? Since the days of the Soviet Union, legends have been made about it, which is fair, given the high quality and affordable price. However, all the talk about knitwear remained within the walls of state and central department stores. And today the world is ruled by TopShop, MANGO, H&M and other representatives of the mass market, who have made a successful business in knitwear fashion. So why are we, a country famous throughout the entire post-Soviet space for the quality of knitwear, so dismissive of the opportunity to bring the production of knitwear to the level of prestigious brands so successfully used by Belarusian manufacturers under foreign labels.

Gradually being drawn into the world of fashionable countries, Belarus does not lag behind in terms of events accompanying the Fashion Week. Following the National Chamber of Fashion in Italy, the British Fashion Council and IMG at New York Fashion Week, which help emerging designers, Belorussian Fashion Week also provides all possible support to young talents.

So, within the framework of the international professional event Belorussian Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2012 The Crystal Nymph Fashion and Beauty Center organizes a competition for young designers “New Names BFW”.

“Support for young people, the continuity of their fresh ideas is almost the only condition for the development of a professional Fashion Week in any country. We need to take an example from the best, learn to work and strive for what has already been translated into reality and worked out by successful and exemplary colleagues. Today we have a young designer in front of us, tomorrow we will have a successful brand”, — with these words the head of Belorussian Fashion Week Yanina Goncharova launched a project-competition accompanying the Fashion Week.

How is this competition different from others? What is its uniqueness?

First, in addition to supporting young and talented designers, they will be given a real opportunity to develop professionally and showcase their talent to potentially interested people. Secondly, designers will be able to show their work on the same platform with well-known fashion masters, and will also have the opportunity to find potential employers for promising cooperation. In addition, the entire competition will be widely covered by Belarusian and foreign professional media.

Another feature of the competition "New Names BFW" is that anyone can become a participant, and the winner will receive a unique opportunity to create an industrial collection for the enterprise "ARISHKA" ( - one of the leaders in the production of knitwear in the Belarusian market. The company "ARISHKA" took the initiative to combine the talent of young designers and the widespread use of knitted and cotton fabrics in the production of modern clothing.

The competition itself "New Names BFW" will be held in three stages. At the first stage (until September 1, 2011) all those wishing to participate in the competition send an application in free form to the address [email protected] containing information: - full name,

- place study / work, contact details.

Further (September 3, 2011) there will be a qualifying round at the National School of Beauty, which will determine the designers who will be able to start making collections.

The second stage will consist of a pre-demonstration of ready-made collections for the Organizing Committee "New Names BFW", according to the results of which 8-10 finalists will be determined.

The final of the competition will take place on October 24, 2011 during the BFW and will be a joint defile of the finalists of the competition. A competent jury of 5-7 people (independent experts in the field of fashion, beauty, style and clothing production), headed by the head of the "ARISHKA" enterprise, will determine the winner of the competition - a designer who will be contracted to develop an industrial collection for the enterprise. The joint collection of the designer and TM "ARISHKA" will be demonstrated at Belorussian Fashion Week shows in April 2012.

For detailed terms and conditions of the Contest "New Names BFW", see the website and in the attachment.

Reference: “ARISHKA” is a well-known Belarusian manufacturer of high-quality women's clothing. The company has been on the market since 2003. Today, brand clothes are worn in Belarus and Russia, but the boundaries of cooperation are constantly expanding. TM "ARISHKA" is always high quality, beauty, relevance, originality, a wide range and size groups, and at the same time very affordable prices. Products of the brand "Arishka" will not leave indifferent any woman! Address of the National School of Beauty: Minsk, st. Melnikayte, 4 tel. (017) 203 35 41

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