Nehhote phrases for seduction of girls

You hit on girls, but constantly run into the indifference and arrogance of beauties? A girl may have a too high opinion of herself, or is insecure, which will make it difficult to approach her. How to break all the girl's defenses and seduce her using Neghit phrases? Time to bring hotties to bed, not average chicks.

Planning to please a girl, but she pretends to be indifferent? This is the usual state of a beautiful girl, for whom guys and men rolling up are a common thing. Pretty girls usually use beach-shield protection or "bitch shield". The girl demonstrates to the man arrogance, arrogance and complacency that the man is not worthy of her. Moreover, a girl can be smart and good, just a beach shield is the simplest defensive reaction to the appearance of a suspicious stranger.

This is a method of getting rid of annoying admirers, but if you can show the girl that you are not a bastard, then everything may turn out differently. You are not a boy at all, you know your worth, but you do not consider her a queen. To get rid of the beach shield, the girl needs to be lowered a little to the ground. For this, neghits are needed, which help to surprise, demoralize and dumbfound the girl.

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Neghit pickup phrases

You can hit on any girl you like, but at the same time you need to communicate with the girl not from the side of the petitioner or helpful boyfriend. No need to offer a drink, beg for a phone, give compliments or offer to meet. Otherwise, you can easily fly into the friend zone of her many fans.

You must say something to the girl that will not please her very much. You will lower it to the ground, showing its usualness for you. The girl is worthless, and therefore turning up her nose is stupid. Neghit phrases are expressions on the verge of a compliment and an insult. The girl will feel at ease and far from being a princess. Her scourge shield will automatically fall apart, as will her accessibility for further seduction.

If the girl is very beautiful, then you can say a couple of neghits. If the girl is average or ordinary, but one is enough to demoralize her. What phrase is suitable for a neghit pickup? There are many phrases to lower a girl to the ground, piss her off and make her feel like a gray mouse. After that, it can be taken with bare hands.

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Examples of neghi phrases

1. You have a funny outfit for the club.

2. Did everyone leave you here alone, even your girlfriends?

3. You have a style like informals in the 80s!

4. Are you not a local? It's noticeable in the clothes.

5. Is the dress too big for you or is it your mother's?

6. Your nails are beautiful, though it is noticeable that they are false.

7. Your hairstyle is stupid, like on posters from the 90s. I had one like this as a child.

8. Your powerful toilet water makes me dizzy.

9. It's a bit indecent to dress like this.

10. Did your ex probably have 100 reasons to break up with you?

11. Do you often go out to parties? That's noticeable.

12. Your skirt is wrinkled.

13. What's wrong with you? You look tired.

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14. Girl, your hands are so cold and sticky.

15. Your ex must have been irritated by your constant haughty appearance?

16. I like your style. This is how everyone dresses now. Fashionable.

17. You don't look like the kind of guys who always hit on guys.

18. You have beautiful breasts and cleavage. It looks like silicone. I don't believe they are real.

19. Not too provocative dress for the place?

20. Your arms are hairy, like mine.

21. This dress makes you look a little fat, but it is very cute.

22. Cool jeans. Why wasn't your size?

23. You smell so delicious. What is this alcohol?


24. When you speak, your nose moves funny.

25. Pretty blouse, but doesn't match the bottom.

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26. If you're so cool, why don't you have a husband and a family?

27. You have an eyelash on your nose.

28. Why do you sit in one place all the time? Do you have a stain on your skirt?

29. I thought these shoes were already out of fashion.

30. You are probably being compared to a model just out of politeness.

31. Fashionable hairstyle. I've seen 5 of these today.

32. Your lip is trembling. Are you worried?

33. I didn't ask for your name.

34. You dance very funny. So you wave your arms and legs in a funny way.

35. Yes, you are a real blonde.

36. Are you in a bad mood? Did the guy quit?

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37. You look like a bit of a jerk. Have you been drinking?

38. Am I too young/old? Just because you're older/younger than me doesn't make me small/old.

39. My 10-year-old sister has similar tights.

40. Can you skate? Noticeably. You have such powerful legs.

41. You are too excited, and we are not at that stage of dating yet.

42. You are not one of those who frequent this place. Did you look by chance?

43. You are very cute burr and swallow words when talking.

44. Your eyes look hungry and angry. Are you on a diet?

45. It wouldn't hurt you to lose some weight, otherwise it's a bit crowded for us at the table together.

46. You have a beautiful hair color. Is it natural color or paint? Looks like paint.

47. Cool handbag. My mom had this as a child.

48. Nice dress, though I've seen you in it before. But the dress is nothing.

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49. Cool hairstyle. Real hair or fake curls?

50. I don't think we need to get to know each other better. You are too good a girl.

Neghit phrases are great for overcoming a girl's defenses. Having said a couple of negative phrases, you can demoralize a girl, make her make excuses or feel like an ordinary chick. A little rudeness, impudence and impudence of a man will play into the hands of seducing any chick.

Often girls with neghits try to go on the attack. They offer to treat them to a drink in order to seize the initiative and put the man in his place. But in this way you will lose all your potential, and also miss the initiative. Ignore her offer, or offer her to buy it herself if she is used to talking with full glasses. You can apply another neghit from the list so that the heifer knows her place.

Negkhitas should be alternated with impudent and impudent communication. You can ignore the girl a little, treat her like a silly girl, and also not succumb to female charms. The girl will immediately feel hurt that she herself will want to seduce such a tough nut. Act like a bad guy who is not too interested in the girl opposite. Then the girl herself will cling to you with her claws and willingly succumb to elementary seduction.

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Neghits help to show their value to a girl and are also a good option when picking up chicks. When a man is not afraid of a beautiful girl, teases her and teases her, then he is stronger than her. So such a male is worthy of a girl and her hot body. Girls always cling to real men, even if they do not appreciate them and twist them as they want. The girls are looking for the strongest male to procreate.