Negative traits of a man that girls like

What kind of men are women looking for, and how should he behave? Another study has again proved that girls like guys who are not at all nice and nice. What negative and bad traits of men attract girls?

Scientists have tried to determine the most desirable type of man for a woman. What character traits are inherent in him and how he should behave. Women demonstrated once again the golden truth that good guys sleep alone, and bad guys are popular.

Negative traits of a man that girls like

1. Male rudeness

Aggressiveness, brutality, heartlessness, ruthlessness and antisocial behavior. It seems like a bad idea, but take a closer look at how girls react to such men. When a man is strong, lives by his own rules, is purposeful, vital and can fight back aggressively, he becomes attractive. Girls see in such a man good genes and the ability to survive. Male rudeness testifies to the male's ability to break through in life.

2. Male egoism

A man is selfish, proud and self-confident. When a man behaves like this, you can immediately see what he is worth. A man appreciates himself, does not allow himself to be turned around, knows how to put a girl in her place. A man always defends his rights, even on the verge of selfishness. But it is precisely such behavior and reasonable egoism that testifies to the strength of a man, suitability for relationships and family. Weak men who run after girls, are not self-confident and bend easily, are left out of their lot. The girls are looking for a man to lean on, who is a stone wall.

3. Machiavellianism of a man

A man can manipulate people, has a low level of morality and neglects the rules. Such a man can shove competitors with his elbows and go over their heads to achieve the goal. Machiavellianism involves subtle techniques of flattery, deceit, cunning, and disregard for morality. Why do girls like it? Girls love successful men, and a successful male is better than a weak-willed good guy who is inferior to everyone. Girls are looking for real leaders, not a crowd and followers.

Girls always fell in love with bad but strong men.