Necessary useful things for home and going out

Every person has things without which he cannot imagine a normal existence. What thing should every home have and what things should you carry in your pocket? Necessary useful things for the house and their exit to the street.

In one forum, people wondered about the most useful and necessary things. What does each home need in their personal opinion? What should you always carry in your bag? We got interesting and valuable answers. Necessary useful things for the house and the way out of it.

Necessary useful things for going out

What to put in a bag or backpack when you get out of the house? First of all, a multifunctional and comfortable bag, and preferably a backpack.

1. Mobile phone.

2. Portable charger or power bank.

3. Pocket knife or multi-tool knife (better both).

4. Headphones.

5. Handkerchief, antiseptic and disposable wipes.

6. A lighter to start a fire (just in case).

7. Adhesive plaster.

8. Condoms.

9. A bottle of water.

10. Documents.

11. Flashlight. Standalone flashlight, but not the one in the phone.

12. Money. Stock of cash in different pockets.

Necessary useful things for the house

What is needed for every home?

1. Drill, puncher and a basic set of screwdrivers.

2. Fire extinguisher, smoke detector and fire alarm.

3. A weapon that can protect the house from robbers or uninvited guests.

4. First aid kit.

5. A set of good knives in the kitchen and cutting boards.

6. Deodorants, toilet water, air freshener.

7. Electric toothbrush, nose hair remover.

8. A bread maker to always have fresh bread.

9. Good mattress and linens. It is a guarantee of good sleep.

10. Vases, paintings or houseplants that create a feeling of being at home.

11. A bunch of different towels for different needs.

12. Flashlights, batteries, chargers.

13. Stocking food for a while (cereals, frozen meat, etc.).

14. Alcohol, which can be used for healthy and relaxing purposes.

15. Fireproof safe with passports, documents and copies of documents.

And what useful things for home and going out do you choose?