music for sex

What kind of music do you have sex to? To classical, heavy metal, concert, hard rock or club music? Properly selected musical accompaniment will help to fuck with great pleasure.

Music gives sex a certain tone, rhythm and mood. Therefore, the choice of musical composition largely depends on what kind of sex you are going to have. Let's define the musical directions that you can choose depending on the piquancy of the sexual situation.

First meeting. The situation from the series, you recently met, met, drank wine and ate fruit. An old and well-known melody is best now, it can be from Enigma or from the Erotic album of the respected Madonna. Scientists have noticed that familiar music creates a relaxed atmosphere and relaxes.

Sex with sadomaso elements. You met an extraordinary girl and are ready for experiments. For such a situation, heavy music with long gnashing of nails on glass is suitable. Very well creates an environment for decisive action. And scientists after surveys among college students found that adherents of punk, heavy metal and hard rock in most cases are ready for extreme sex.

Relations with a beautiful young lady. Everyone met her at a Beethoven ball or concert. She is wearing formal clothes and will never agree that the cello is a very sexy instrument. Turn on for her a musical composition for viola by Shostakovich. Responded, take action. Polls conducted by a classical music magazine found that women who like viola prefer sex on their first date.

Sex wants, which is impossible to endure. In this situation, when you are on the verge of arousal and there is no urine at all, rhythmic music is suitable, which will increase your pace and add order to your sex. When listening to such music, the heartbeat quickens, and there are associations associated with sex.

One night stand. You met at a club, had a drink and drove home. Such an evening, as it began with R'n'B, should end with the same melodies. Start dancing right in the hallway and move towards the bed.