Modern man and his personal care

Does a modern man take care of his appearance or let his aging take its course? If with the help of modern means a man can keep his youth longer than without them, why don't we do it?

Agree: few people would think of condemning a woman who takes care of her face. A woman who moisturizes the skin around her eyes with cream or wipes her face with tonic is a familiar and natural sight. The woman lying on the beautician's couch, too.

Today those ladies are considered strange who refuse to use the achievements of cosmetology, sincerely believing that there is no better remedy for the face in the world than cucumbers from the garden.

But what about men? How does society view their self-care?

In my opinion, not very friendly. At least with a smile. “Well, a normal man will not lie with a mask on his face or buy a cream for the skin around the eyes,” the society believes.

A set of personal care products, which, according to the layman, is not a shame to have a normal man, looks like this:

1) shaving gel, 2) aftershave lotion, 3) gel for soul,

4) shampoo, 5) deodorant, 6) toothpaste, 7) perfume.

Well, maybe another mouthwash.

Compared to what the caveman had, it's just overkill. However, when compared with what the 21st century can offer a man, everything is rather poor.

No masks for you, let alone cosmetologists, you stinky goat! Look what you thought up - smear cream under the eyes! Sodomite, right?

Personally, I see this approach as unwise. Thinking like that is like riding horses in the age of automobiles. What's the point of shaking in a tarantass when you can get from point A to point B by car?

If with the help of modern means a man can keep his youth longer than without them, why does society condemn him for this, considering him “something different”?

Why is it possible and necessary for a woman to remain young as long as possible, and a man should grow old, spitting on all the achievements of progress? Or, maybe, youth goes only to women, and men - the older, the more beautiful?

I don't think so. Youth is for everyone. And men are no less than women.

Then why is society still not ready to understand men who take care of themselves with the help of modern means, and not those that were in use 100 and 200 years ago? What are your versions?

How do you feel about men who have a whole arsenal of personal care products, men who visit cosmetologists and do not shy away from beauty injections?

Author: Lena Miro