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Mistakes that can never be fixed

Just one subtle mistake or decision you make can ruin your life forever. How to avoid the traps of life, for which you will have to pay for the rest of your life?

When a person begins his life journey, it seems that real life is somewhere far ahead. She is sure to be wonderful and successful. We start life with full confidence that we will be able to become happy. We are not afraid to make mistakes and make wrong decisions, because everything can always be corrected! But this is the main mistake of man. We easily and recklessly make mistakes, for which we pay for the rest of our lives. Some mistakes can never be corrected.

There is a game where you play a stacked solitaire game called mahjong. In this Asian game, you need to completely spread out all the chips and avoid stalemate situations. A mistake made, even at the very beginning of the game, can lead to the fact that mahjong solitaire cannot be parsed. You can play on and not even realize that the situation is already incorrigible. Just one subtle and insignificant mistake can make it impossible to win! This game of rules is a bit like human life. Just one inconspicuous mistake you make can ruin your life forever.

Mistakes that can never be corrected

1. A love mistake that cannot be corrected

The most common mistake of young people is the frivolous choice of a partner for life. We easily plunge into the first relationships that come across, carefully not choosing our other half with our heads.

If girls, in most cases, are guided by common sense, then men think completely differently. We easily meet, fall in love and have sex, and then get married. But after a year, three, five or seven years, we understand that we made a mistake in choosing a girl.

Men either suffer, but are more likely to get divorced, and then pay 18 years of alimony. Often men notice that the girl they have chosen is not at all suitable, and they agreed with her only because of sex. Sometimes it's just one unprotected sex and an aerial wedding.

2. A criminal mistake that cannot be corrected

Young people often find themselves in situations where they commit criminal acts under the influence of courage, alcohol or the influence of friends. A drunken fight, shoplifting, a hooligan prank, or forcing a girl to have sex. Only one Diana Shurygina met on the way and you will have to pay for it with years of life in prison. One criminal mistake leads to the fact that the whole life flies downhill.

3. A life mistake that cannot be corrected

An incorrectly chosen profession and place of study can lead to the fact that all your life you will be doing what you do not like or pay poorly.

A car race on a highway or a reckless jump into a river can lead to disaster. The person may die or be seriously injured. Lose a body part or remain permanently confined to a wheelchair.

Why this article? Moreover, among my friends, relatives and acquaintances, many have made similar mistakes. Divorces, alimony, accidents, prisons, injuries, deaths. These mistakes, which at first seemed like a trifle, ruined their lives forever.

Be careful and make decisions carefully. Try to think with your head, drink less and be attentive. Just one mistake can change your life forever. Many people make mistakes that can never be corrected.

Life is not a computer game where you can try again. One mistake and you lost.