Men's weapons against women

They have long legs, moist eyes, a mouth-watering ass and breasts. But men have their weapons. The secret male weapon can drive women crazy, win their hearts and force them to capitulate in bed.

The German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche said: “In a real man there is a child who wants to play.” And with whom to play a man, if not with the fair sex?

How to increase your competitiveness, as well as the attractiveness of the female? What is effective when communicating with the fair sex? No need to talk about cars, apartments, money and positions. Today we are not talking about that. Women are attracted to men who have some special qualities and abilities. What's this?

It's easier for girls. They can easily drive men crazy with their long legs, charming eyes, pretty face, half-naked chest, appetizing booty or defenseless look. But men have their weapons. But not everyone uses it. Some do not have it, while others do not know about the existence of a secret male weapon. What weapon do you have to hunt women?

Men's weapons against women #1. Scream

Humor is an indicator of intelligence, liveliness of character, confidence, emancipation, the ability to instantly respond and think paradoxically. The ability to make a woman laugh and cheer her up is priceless. Humor is considered the best and most effective weapon against women. Humor helps a woman relax, tunes in to a friendly wave and brings people together. Very close…

Men's weapons against women #2. Smiling

Many people underestimate the power of a smile. The ability to smile in time and sincerely is appreciated by people. A smile is a sign of goodwill and good mood. A smile is a sign of a good state of affairs in a person. All women want to be with a smiling, happy and successful man. You will only have to choose! A smile must be beautiful. We are talking about white and healthy teeth. A man's smile opens locked doors, women's hugs and spreads beautiful legs.

Men's weapons against women #3. Dominance

The masculine character is manifested not only in caring for a woman, but also in dominating. It's not about rudeness, aggressiveness or rudeness. Gender dominance is necessary. You'll both feel better if you're in charge. A woman should feel that her man is in charge here. To hell with feminism and emancipation. Don't confuse the roles.

Men's weapons against women #4. Talent

Talent is the ability to do what others cannot do. It doesn't have to be anything out of the ordinary. Many girls like the most ordinary talents: the ability to play the guitar, snowboard, draw pictures, go kayaking, do parkour, etc. A man with an interesting talent and skill is attractive.

Men's weapons against women #5. Confidence

Women are weak. They are mother's and father's daughters. The girls were afraid of the dark, pain, awkwardness, heights, water, insects, blood, loneliness, sudden movements, boys. Now they have become big, but the fears remain. Women need a strong man. The confidence emanating from a man has a magical effect on women. They are ready to go with such a man not only to bed, down the aisle, but also to the ends of the world.

Men's weapons against women #6. Romance and love

You can be a hardened cynic and not know the words of love. But romantic behavior opens girls' hearts like a can opener to a can of condensed milk. And do you like condensed milk...

Men's weapons against women No. 7. Physical form

It is probably not worth explaining that broad shoulders, strong arms, firm abs and firm ass are the secret dreams of women. Don't disappoint her sex fantasy.

Men's weapons against women #8. Sex

"A man who claims that a girl's place in the kitchen just doesn't know what to do with her in the bedroom." High-quality and solid sex is a guarantee of strong relationships. Forget love in bed and give her good sex.

Use weapons against women wisely and do not poach. It is better to hunt healthy females.