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Men's socks

They are hard to find, very easy to lose, and impossible to forget. Every day we wear men's socks, but what do we know about them? How did socks come about? How to choose socks, what length is preferred, the best color for clothing, pattern matching and socks combination? Life hacks for men's socks.

The history of the origin of socks begins with Ancient Greece and Rome. They were made of soft leather and worn by women at home. Later, they began to be worn under shoes, which were rough and rubbed their feet. The word "sock" itself comes from the name of the special shoes "soccus" (Latin soccus) for comedy actors in ancient Rome.

Life hacks for men's socks

  • When throwing socks into dirty laundry, put one into the other. This will help you not lose a couple.
  • Do you want to know where the second sock is? In 90% of cases it is under the sofa.
  • Raw socks can be quickly dried in the microwave.
  • 20 socks are not 10 pairs of noses, but 20 socks.
  • The thread connecting two new socks is stronger than the socks themselves. Better cut than tear.
  • If you like throwing socks around the house, and your wife scolds, blame everything on the cat. It is he who hides them around the apartment and under the sofa.
  • If you are asked if you change your socks, say only for vodka.
  • You have holes in your socks, and you came to visit? Ask for slippers.
  • Clean and non-perforated socks are sometimes easier to buy than to find at home.
  • If a girl gave socks for February 23, then say: “Now Dobby is free!” And leave.

The composition of men's socks

Modern socks are made of cotton, wool, polyster, nyolon and synthetics. Wool keeps feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool is mixed with synthetics to increase the durability of socks and reduce the cost. Cotton socks also regulate the temperature of the feet well and are often used by athletes. Cotton is cheaper than wool, but it is also mixed with synthetics. Synthetics do not absorb sweat well, but are famous for the elasticity and strength of socks.

Natural materials allow the legs to "breathe", while synthetics provide strength to men's socks. The optimal ratio is 80% cotton and 20% synthetics. Buy just like that.

The length of men's socks

How to choose men's socks by length? Men's socks come in different lengths. Very short socks are used mainly with sports shoes or shoes. Socks are short and medium length, up to the middle of the calf, the most common among men. Long socks, like knee socks, are rarely used. For warmth, men prefer to wear thermal underwear or underpants.

Color of men's socks

What color to buy when choosing men's socks? The color of men's socks should be lighter than shoes and match with clothing. Men prefer to wear black, blue, gray and beige socks. White socks are acceptable with sportswear. Now sometimes they wear bright and rich colors of socks to dilute the strict appearance.

Sock pattern

Which pattern do you prefer? It is advisable to choose a pattern that is small and not bright, so as not to look funny and ridiculous. Socks are in harmony with clothing, but should not merge with shoes.

Men's socks size chart

How to determine the size of socks by shoes or foot size? The sizes of socks are international, European, USA and Russian.

The combination of men's socks with clothes and how to choose

  • Socks with sandals and slippers are a beaten bad manners.
  • A design on socks means a combination with a design on a tie, bow tie, scarf or neckerchief.
  • Socks should not slip off the feet or form ridiculous folds
  • The length of men's socks should not be short so that the exposed skin of the legs is not visible when the man is sitting.
  • Dark blue socks are preferred with jeans.
  • Colored socks are not worn with patent leather shoes.
  • High socks must not be worn with shorts.
  • Today, young people often do not wear socks or use very short ones that show the open part of the leg. It's fashionable.
  • Socks always come in pairs. If one is lost, then you do not need to pick up a similar one.
  • The price of socks should not be very cheap. These socks don't last very long.

P. S. Men's socks should be fresh, clean and without holes. They should not glow in the dark, stand in the corner, “cut” their eyes, and they cannot be found in the room by smell.