Men's nonsense

How to shave properly. When to shave: morning or evening? To shave or not to shave? Women's attitude to male unshaven. We will teach you how to shave like a man!

I believe in bearded men and long-haired women… Sigmund Freud
A man starts shaving at the age of 15-17 and repeats this process throughout his life. Few of us love this event, and the question of whether to shave daily or not, everyone decides in their own way. Someone thinks that a real man does not know a word like a razor, someone shaves off all vegetation cleanly.

The first razor with disposable blades was patented by King Camp Gillette on December 2, 1901. And on November 6, 1928, the American Colonel Jacob Schick patented the first electric razor.

When to shave: in the morning or in the evening?

Popular truth says: if you shave in the evening - you love your wife, if in the morning - you suck up to the authorities, if everything is on the drum - once a week, if you shave at work - your boss is your wife. Lovelace also shave in the evening.

Most of the men prefer the morning, and shave according to their mood, about a day or two later, on weekends, arranging a rest for themselves.

According to studies, about 2% of American male drivers shave while driving.

A well-known manufacturer of shaving accessories launched a real hunt for "non-shavers" in the USA. Activists "against unshaven men" took to the streets of the city with images of unshaven female legs and posters: "Until you men shave, we will do the same." The interest of the manufacturer of shaving accessories is understandable here, but the desires of the fair sex are moderately fair.

Fact! 17 of the most prominent philosophers all have beards and mustaches. Of the 73 great mathematicians, 28 wore beards and mustaches, 8 had only mustaches, and four more had sideburns. Among physicists, the alignment is as follows: 25 bearded, 8 mustachioed, 7 with sideburns and only 20 clean-shaven. Of the 46 founders of chemistry, 11 had both a beard and a mustache, 5 had mustaches, and 11 had sideburns.

To shave or not to shave? Women's attitude to male unshaven.

If you don't like to shave, there are only three good male reasons to shave: it's an important meeting, meeting a new pretty girlfriend, and testing out a new razor.

Scientists from the University of Bristol (UK) argue that those who like to acquire a “three-day stubble” are less likely to get married and often do not enjoy sex. This can be explained by the fact that women, for the most part, are not very good at male unshavenness and neglecting shaving accessories does not affect the amount of sex well.

The amount of hair on a man is directly proportional to the sexual constitution. Men with copious amounts of hair on the face, arms, chest, and if there is a "track" often have an excellent "trochanter index". Even if you do not know what it is, you still thought correctly.

Women's opinion about male unshaven varies somewhat from one individual to another. About 50% of women are categorically opposed to the hair on a man's chin, about 20% like it or think it's sexy, the rest hesitate in a manner characteristic of girls. It's not about women's sexual preferences, but about practicality. Women's skin is very sensitive to the male "hedgehog" and reacts accordingly. Sometimes you have to choose between who will annoy you or her. Just don't complain to women about shaving, they know about it as much as we do.

“To shave today or not to shave” - many men ask themselves in the morning, looking at the brutal unshaven character in the mirror. Here laziness, potential irritation and time costs on the one hand, and the desire to look presentable, not to annoy the other half with bristles, on the other hand, come into play.

If a woman insists too much on regular men's shaving, maybe you should make concessions and shave more often? Although women like stubble for more than 2-3 days, many are afraid of closer “communication”. If a girl is inappropriately persistent in your shaving, then change the girl and don't shave!

If you are a fan of "three-day stubble", a small beard or mustache, we recommend using a trimmer to bring the appearance of the hair into a presentable look.

Researchers from the University of Bristol found that men who do not shave every day are 70% more likely to have a heart attack and stroke.

Men sometimes turn gray early. To avoid uneven color of facial hair, it should be discarded. You can tint, but it's much more difficult.

How to shave properly. We will teach you how to shave like a man!

The process, once observed in childhood, as a rule, changes little throughout the life of men. But how to shave properly to avoid cuts and irritation?

Correct shaving order:

1. You need to start shaving at least half an hour before going out so that the aftershave has time to be properly absorbed.

2. To soften the stubble, rinse your face with hot water several times. You can apply a warm compress from a napkin moistened with hot water. It is good to start shaving after a bath or shower when the facial hair is softened.

3. After applying shaving cream or foam to the skin, it is worth waiting for two to three minutes to soften the hair and moisturize the skin. It is much better to use a shaving brush than to apply foam with your hands.

4. After rinsing the blade with hot water, start shaving. You should start from the cheeks, where the softest hair, then the chin and finally above the upper lip. You need to guide the blade along the hair growth, avoiding shaving against the grain. The blade should be rinsed with hot water as often as possible.

5. After shaving, carefully evaluate the quality of the work done and eliminate possible shortcomings.


6. Rinse the face, wash off the foam and dip the face with a towel.

7. Apply cream, gel, lotion or, for the most desperate, "Triple Cologne" to the shaved area. Do not apply immediately after shaving, you must wait a few minutes.

The choice of a razor is a matter of taste. The most effective shave is given by an open-blade razor (beware), then comes a safety razor with replaceable blades (razor) and finally an electric razor. It should be noted that manufacturers of electric shavers are achieving more and more success every year.