Men's intimate hygiene

Not only women's skin can smell good, but also men's. Proper intimate hygiene will reduce the risk of diseases, improve potency, and girls will be happy to meet your "boyfriend" ahead of time.

For a long time, men did not even talk about hygiene, thinking that only women's skin could smell delicious. But time moves, and the stereotypes of the past remain. And men's shower and intimate hygiene products are also gathering dust on the shelves of cosmetic stores.

Probably, few suspect that the head of the penis and the perineum of men are many more sensitive and tender than women's intimate places. This is the reason that should encourage a man to follow such an intimate part of the body. Proper hygiene will provide men with the prevention of a large number of diseases and reduce the risk of inflammation in the genitals.

Conventionally, male representatives can be divided into a couple of categories. To the category of the first, we include men with a circumcised foreskin, and to the category of the second - with an untouched foreskin. The second group accounts for the majority of the male population, which is obliged to pay special attention to itself, since the foreskin tends to accumulate pathogens under it. Consequently, after its removal, microorganisms lose the opportunity for reproduction and preservation. However, in men, after the circumcision procedure, hygiene of intimate places is no less necessary.

The main thing that forces men to once again avoid the procedure of washing the genitals is only that the chosen soap or gel may simply not suit them. Incorrectly selected means for hygiene of the genital organs can cause unpleasant irritation, and possibly even burning and annoying itching.

In order to exclude the appearance of diseases in the male genital organs, men should know and practice a small number of simple but effective actions.

It is important to perform everyday toileting of the genitals. It will be ideal if washing takes place after each trip to the toilet, since urine, once on linen, leads to the active reproduction of pathogenic flora. If this procedure is not possible according to the circumstances, you should use a wet wipe that is designed for such hygiene. Washing the head of the penis after urination is necessary for the same purpose.

Regarding underwear, it must be made from natural materials in order to absorb moisture well and not provoke squeezing of the genitals. For the best comfort and well-being, it is recommended to wear family shorts or shorts. Synthetic underwear, which is said to be cheaper and last longer, oddly enough, can only cause harm. It is not ventilated at all. Such underwear contributes to the reproduction of microflora, which will adversely affect men's health.