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Men's hats

If a girl hops without a hat, it’s the fool’s own fault, but when I see a dude blue from the cold without a headdress, I sympathize with him: for there are, in fact, no normal hats for men.

Women's opinion about men's hats.

There are many moments when I am terribly glad that in this life I am not a man. Let's say I'm not a particular lover of military duty (one), I like to have sisGe, and not chase them (two) and, of course, hats (three).

The month of April, but the vast majority of them have tears, and sneeze, and any infectious disease. And if a girl hops without a hat, it’s the fool’s own fault, then when I see a dude blue from the cold without a hat, I sympathize with him: for there are, in fact, no normal hats for men.

For example, a baseball cap. How many times they helped me out: when the hair does not lie, and when the head has not been washed for the third day, and when the sun, and when painting and straightening the facade, there are no moral and physical strengths. You put a baseball cap on a fox - and the fox is athletic, cheerful and young (for nothing that he is angry and of medium freshness).

You put a baseball cap on a man over 30 and in a non-elven format - and you get an elderly young fan of what is written on the baseball cap. And if it’s not written, then it’s all the same: a man plays a boy, it’s funny and absurd. And I don’t take the situation when the belly is below - then the cute feature of the figure crawls out onto the nose worse than the pregnant belly, attracted by the same visor. How it works - I do not know, but the view is disgusting.

Worse than such caps - only, in fact, caps. Classic, so to speak. If someone tells you that you look good in this, don't believe it. It's not you who looks good, but the speaker treats you well. Once again: if you personally take me by the sleeve and ask, penetratingly looking into my eyes: “Are you talking about me too?” I will answer “Well, what are you, of course not!” And this will only say that I spare your feelings, but you still look like... Well, everyone understood everything. And no, Luzhkov was also bad. And no - winter-leather ones are generally a burp of taste and civilization. And no - there is no age when it is ok. And no - there is no such brand and brand when it is not an “elderly gopnik”, not a “student from the outback” or not a “shabby KGBist”. It always looks provincial, always ugly, always so anti-sex that even socks in sandals envy the effect.

And also, you know, there are berets. They are debatable on women as well, but on men… If the beret is not tartan and is not supported by a kilt from below, if it is “artistic”, but worn without a sketchbook, then this is a claim. And she looks... looks... ridiculous and ridiculous. However, berets have a plus: at least in form, they can adorn the face by themselves. The bullshit is that we do not exist in isolation from the context, but in the context of a man in a beret - a claim of such a size that not every individual can endure.

Big bid for failure - only hats. If a hat-owner of a brutal cowboy-like appearance is not attached to the hat below, if he is not in leather, not a motorcyclist, not a musician, if under his hat he does not have a luxurious mane and not a brutal bald head, but a timid bald patch worn by a hat, if a comrade does not look with it headdress as a whole, it is better to keep children of gladioli in a hat in winter or put keys with buttons in it. In short, the hat declares a favorite of women, sybarite and bon vivant. And in general - the meaning is this: in a hat - a handsome man. He took off his hat - wow, even better.

Next on the list are "*******". They're comfortable, warm, easy to slip into your pocket... and they're guaranteed to disfigure any creature that pulls that wool condom over its head. It’s easier for women: they buy a light-colored hat (younger) or black (frames a face that needs... framing and lose weight) voluminous (you can conjure with folds), a curl is coquettishly released on the side - and now you can almost not puke from the result.

It doesn't work on men. Beanies (a kind of hats with a “lowered”, cap-like top) can be worn... up to a certain age / eternal boys. The important thing here is that a certain age, IMHO, ends at 19-20 years old, and not everyone who considers themselves eternal boys actually are. In addition, beanies and "*******" (and what else to call them?!) are generally unrealistic to wear with sheepskin coats-coats-suits-smart casual, with unsportsmanlike shoes.

All sorts of funny hats like stockings and "pompom hats", variations on the theme of felt bath hats - all this goes here: if you are over 30, and the lifestyle and the style cannot be described as “alternative and non-conformist”, then, alas, this image cannot be drawn out.

Fur hats-mink-rabbits - are guaranteed to turn anyone who puts on any gender into a grandfather or grandmother of the sort "me in Soviet times oooo". Visually, such hats stretch the face, optically you become taller and even look “richer”... That is, those who wear them console themselves with all this. IRL is just aging and declares that the fantasy has dried up, and the head is cold, and you need to walk in something.

There should have been a request here to show the hats in which you think you look great... But while I was writing, hope left me, and in general, I have to admit, what is most important, probably, is that just the head is smart, and the hat... Let it be warm. And then summer will come.

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