men on a diet.

How to choose a diet? Health risks are not the only motivation for men to lose weight. Men don't care about their appearance.

Among Bill Clinton's post-presidential endeavors, one of the most shocking is his campaign to tame growing trends in childhood obesity in the United States. It is notable for its selfless desire to help society as well as its great potential for achieving the planned results. But the event that most attracted attention and caused mixed feelings of delight was the public speech of the representative of the "indifferent to diets" sex about giving up cheeseburgers.

Diets aren't just for women - Men lose weight too.

After recovering from major heart surgery in 2004, and a former McDonald's top quickie, Bill Clinton has become too outspoken about his attitude to food, not only in the sense of the former president of a world hegemonic country, but also in in the most contextual sense of the word. “As a child, I was fat,” he writes in his book “My Life” (a heavy volume, ironically weighing about one and a half kilograms).

In the book, he discusses fluctuations in his weight and admits that he experimented with various types of homemade simple diets that preceded the well-known Atkins diet (better known in Eastern Europe as the Hollywood diet). The author told the reporters of the New York Times about what is weighed daily. Not surprisingly, in the shadow of America's famous first black president, Bill Clinton is in danger of becoming America's first female ex-president.

Indeed, the vast world of dietary nutrition in all ages belonged exclusively to the representatives of the gentle sex. It so happened historically that the kingdom of the Kremlin diet, nutrition by blood type, multi-grain breakfast cereals and low-fat yogurt was carefully hidden from the skeptical views of men, but recently, more and more often, representatives of the stronger sex cross the border of primordially female territory.

Nutritionists have noticed that men have become much more attentive to their health, and especially to weight, since an excess of the latter is a hallmark of diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Diet and masculinity.

It's no secret that health risks as a consequence of malnutrition are not the only motivation for men to lose weight. It turns out that they also care about their appearance.

Modern men of all ages are becoming more and more concerned about the state of their figure, as their previously flawless bodies lose shape and become disproportionate. Therefore, it is perfectly natural to go to the gym often, to eat anabolic steroids and, more and more often, to follow special diets for men.

But it is worth noting that the representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule, do not "sit" on a diet. Realizing that such actions somewhat spoil the image of a respectable man, they often avoid talking on this topic, and also try to present their actions in the most favorable light for them. This is expressed, for example, in terms that men use. They don't say "I'm on a diet" or "I need to lose weight" because those expressions don't fit their solid male status. They strive for physical strength, for which they need muscle mass. And the word "diet" not only sounds too feminine, but also threatens to lose that same muscle mass in the process of losing weight.

In this case, what are the motives and arguments that men are guided by, preferring a correct and healthy diet? They want to be physically strong and visually attractive. As evidenced by the rapidly growing profits of manufacturers of mineral and biological supplements, it is the desire to have a beautiful body, stamina and muscle mass that makes men eat healthy and wholesome foods. If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then the way to his stomach is through his biceps.

Men's comfort zone - How to choose a diet?

Men tend to favor diets that promise to promote effective exercise and increase energy output.

The market for biological supplements is replete with offers for those who want to gain muscle mass with a minimum amount of fat. But it is important to remember that protein shakes alone do not bring the desired results. A person receives a sufficient amount of protein from food, and muscle building can only be done with the help of properly constructed and systematically attended workouts. Otherwise, no way.

Indeed, men often feel lost when they come to the dietary supplements department. But there are much nicer places to have a good time! One has only to go to a restaurant and order a large fish steak, cooked without the addition of spicy marinades and fatty sauces.

But even such seemingly trifling deprivations arouse a feeling of indignation in men, and they continue to look for a solution that would require minimal sacrifice and would bring maximum effect. That is why many opt for the so-called "Hollywood" diet (nutrition according to the scheme of Dr. Atkins).

This diet is based on the principle that the main cause of obesity and fat deposition in the body is excessive consumption of carbohydrates (carbohydrates). By limiting their consumption to 20 grams per day, a person stimulates his body to break down “unclaimed” fats for energy, thus rapidly losing extra pounds. Dr. Atkins' plan is lifelong and consists of two phases: a reducing phase, which is 14 days, and a maintenance phase, which lasts for the rest of your life. The Hollywood diet in unlimited quantities "allows" to eat all types of meat, fish, poultry, seafood, eggs, cheeses, some vegetables and all other non-carbohydrate foods. You will have to give up bakery products, sweets, potatoes and fruits.

Undoubtedly, a pork steak looks much more “manly” than a fruit salad. That's why most of the stronger sex use the uncompromising approach of Dr. Atkins.

However, many experts categorically oppose the use of this scheme, since a lack of carbohydrates can adversely affect health. The discussion about the influence of the Hollywood diet on the functioning of the body has been going on since its inception to the present day. Research is systematically conducted, most recently at Stanford. According to its results, women eating according to the Atkins scheme most effectively lost excess weight (in comparison with the use of other types of diets), in addition, there was a noticeable decrease in blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure as close to normal as possible.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive findings from the all-female study, leading Stanford University experts advise neither women nor men to take the findings as a conclusive refutation of arguments against the Hollywood Diet and begin immediately. application. Such caveats are associated with the short duration of the study, since the observation was carried out for only twelve months. Nutritionists cannot guarantee that there will be no negative health effects on a person following this high-fat and high-protein diet for life. In addition, they argue that the rejection of foods that contain complex carbohydrates is too big a loss for a healthy body. Fruits and cereals do not pose a global danger to elastic hips and flat stomachs. What really increases the consumption of "unclaimed" calories is white bread, sweet pastries, white rice, soda and synthetic food from cheap fast foods. Therefore, you should not exclude vegetables, oatmeal, brown rice and pasta from coarse wheat varieties from the diet.

Tips for losing weight men - How to avoid "dietary" mistakes It is not always enough to know by heart the number of calories in food. Even the one who most consciously and carefully observes any of the diets and reluctantly nibbles on a carrot instead of the desired salad with mayonnaise is sometimes not able to resist the force of circumstances or cope with momentary weakness. “Dietary” goals can be hindered, for example, by frequent business trips or vacation travel. Outside the home environment, it is very easy to lose your guard or give in to an impulsive desire to break a strict regimen. Therefore, it is important to learn proper nutrition on the road. On the plane, for example, you can take a package of instant oatmeal with you - the flight attendants will kindly provide the passenger with a plate and boiling water. If there is absolutely no desire to mess around even with "instant" cereals, an alternative solution would be a box of multi-grain cereals with fruit additives.

To keep the muscles in good shape after a long bus ride or an uncomfortable flight, a short walk to the hotel, or a room booked on the sixth floor, where you can go up the stairs, not the elevator, will help.

As for the unforgivable mistakes in dieting at home, the most common is skipping breakfast. Over time, this becomes a habit. Nutritionists warn: if the first meal falls at lunchtime, the body is prone to deposition of fat "in reserve", since the body is in "starvation mode" during sleep. Spending five minutes in the morning on a bowl of mite-heavy porridge or a trifling cheese sandwich can prevent such an unpleasant outcome.

And the last. If the exclusion of any product from the diet is an insurmountable difficulty, you should simply divide the usual portion of the usual food in half. Such a decision will soon have a pleasant effect on the wallet, and the results of an insignificant “victim” can be observed on the sensor of electronic scales.