Men going their own way

Two decades after the release of the film Fight Club, a community of men has formed on the Internet, somewhat reminiscent of members of the fight club. They call themselves Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW.

They call themselves Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) for short. They are convinced that in relations between a man and a woman, a man is always assigned the role of a victim.

Two decades after the release of the film Fight Club, a community of men has formed on the Internet, somewhat reminiscent of members of the fight club. They call themselves Men Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW. The main idea of ​​the community is to refuse any romantic relationship with women. However, despite the negative attitude towards women, homosexuality is also not welcome here.

What drives these men? You can look into their world on the community page on the Reddit website, which is signed by no less than 15 thousand people. Here they share their ideas and experiences. Some worry that the sex robots of the future could hack the government. Others urge men to divorce their wives. Still others discuss the benefits of paid sex and look for feminist propaganda in modern pop music.

The ideas of MGTOW are based on meninism, a movement opposed to feminism. While feminist advocates claim they seek to help men and women break free from harmful gender stereotypes, meninists disagree. They believe that in heterosexual relationships, a man is assigned the role of a horse harnessed to a heavy cart.

Members of the community have created their own terminology, borrowing something from contemporary culture. For example, from the movie "The Matrix", where the Chosen One rejects the blue pill of life-illusion for the red pill of reality awareness.

The ultimate goal pursued by the members of the community is complete liberation from social restrictions. This is the fourth level.

Level 0 starts with “taking the red pill” and realizing that gender equality is a sham. At Level 1, a man gives up long-term relationships, but still makes acquaintances for the sake of sex, which he will stop at Level 2. At Level 3, a man is busy making money.

Obstacles to this path to enlightenment are feminists, as well as "white knights" (men who are "noble" towards women), social justice activists, advocates of LGBT rights, and other dissenters.

Who is their ideal? The so-called herbivorous men from Japan who are not interested in finding a partner for a serious relationship.

Change in average marriage age over time

The origins of the MGTOW movement are not very clear. They arrogantly claim on their website that their ideas go back to Schopenhauer, Tesla, Beethoven, Galileo and even Jesus Christ. However, if you look more specifically, then the initial moment of the creation of the community can be considered the publication in the 2000s of a manifesto authored by users under the nicknames Solaris and Ragnar, calling for men and women to return to traditional gender roles.

And although their community is virtual, their aspirations look quite real.

Memo to MembersMGTOW


1. MGTOW is a decentralized and apolitical movement.

2. MGTOW is not pro-family and strongly rejects the idea of ​​marriage. A married man cannot be a member of MGTOW.

3. MGTOW in no way seeks patriarchy. Patriarchy is the same instrument of exploitation of men as matriarchy.

4. MGTOW does not aim to teach you how to be successful with women. If you've come for this, you've got the wrong address.

5. MGTOW has a negative attitude towards ethological theories. Not only do these theories burst at the seams with a detailed analysis, to accept the division of men into “alpha-beta-omega” is extremely harmful in itself. This only creates discord among men and fuels a culture of gynocentrism.

6. MGTOW does not tolerate violence. Violence in any form will in no way solve the problems of men, but will only exacerbate them.

7. MGTOW does not tolerate gynocentrism. Baborabs, traditionalists and those who are convinced that “not all women are like that” do not belong here.

8. MGTOW does not expect women to help solve men's problems. Women's help is hypocritical and an attempt to adapt in order to continue parasitizing on men. The participation of women in the community is completely excluded.

9. MGTOW is a movement for heterosexual men. We are neutral about any other orientation - this is a personal matter for everyone. At the same time, the community is not a platform for the protection of the rights of any sexual minorities, and propaganda of this kind will be suppressed.

10. MGTOW does not enter into disputes or negotiations with women.