Men and sweets. Sweets and men

Men like sweets more than women. Brutal and harsh men deny the presence of weaknesses that spoil their image of a harsh layman. Men and sweets: sweets, bars, cookies, marmalade, ice cream, marshmallows, halva, popcorn, honey, chocolate, sugar. What threatens eating sweets.

“I am the sickest person in the world and I don't need anything else. Except... Maybe, well, some huge cake, a mountain of chocolate, and maybe some big, big bag of sweets. Everything. “After all, I am a smart, handsome, moderately well-fed man, well, in the prime of life.” "Carlson, who lives on the roof" cartoon based on the books by Astrid Lindgren.

“We are indifferent to sweets, but women have a sweet tooth”: the majority of the stronger sex believes. Brutal and stern men deny the presence of more or less weaknesses that spoil their image of a stern man in the street.

Confirmation that men have an incorrigible sweet tooth was made by the British marketing firm Mintel. According to studies, three out of five men admitted that they could not refuse chocolate. While only half of women love chocolate. Analyst Claire Hatcher stated that women talk more about him, while men just eat.

Men are silent lovers of sweets, standing not behind children, but in front of everyone. [eight].