Mattering and critics

If you really do something, and this "something" can benefit someone, you will definitely meet people who will criticize you.

If you have ever tried to achieve something in your life, you have come across such people. They look at what you are doing and start criticizing you. You are doing it wrong, then not like that, and in general you are doing complete nonsense. Is it worth listening to them?

Recently returned from vacation and saw a discussion of one of my articles on the site for executives. More precisely, no, not a discussion - it was just “bone washing” with comments. To be honest, at first I was even somewhat confused and re-read the article for any errors or inaccurate wording. I described what I am very good at, and I understand not from books, but in practice. That is, I KNEW that the idea was correct, and I decided that I did not express it very clearly.

But after reading the comments more carefully, I realized that this was not the case. Only three people commented, out of several hundred who viewed the article. And these three almost competed in who would write the most damaging (in their opinion) comment. But here’s what was really funny - they didn’t write what exactly was wrong, but they wrote that “the article is not correct”, “the author does not know what he is writing about” and other generalizing things.

And although everyone looked pretty solid in the photo, I had serious doubts about how productive they are in general in their work and how much they understand this topic (PR) in particular. After all, they are not PR-specialists (!), They are leaders and have no experience of such work.

Then, one of my acquaintances, a businesswoman, went to the page with this article, and, seeing one of the commentators, wrote to me that this gentleman has many beautiful titles (he is a professor at one of the universities), but nothing of himself is. She crossed paths with him several times and knows that, apart from beautiful words and “competent” articles, she has produced nothing in her life (at least in the field of business).

And then the mosaic in my head finally took shape, I left these guys to “enjoy life” and continued to enter into a working rhythm. A few days passed, and I went to the site of a Russian writer to leave a review of his book. The book, in my opinion, is amazing - both in terms of the quality of writing and the idea behind it. Yes, and the writer is quite famous and popular. Imagine my surprise when I found on his website several paragraphs of “bone washing” of this particular book of his. However, when I saw that the author of this “washing” wished to remain anonymous, the questions disappeared by themselves.

Why am I telling you this, and even in such detail? Very simple. If you really DO something, and this “something” can benefit someone, you will definitely meet people who will criticize you. They will look for flaws in what you do, and if they do not find them, they will say that you are mediocre or make up false stories about you. And, since you are able to benefit people, I want to help you avoid the harmful consequences of the actions described above.

To better understand what we are dealing with, I will break such people into several categories and describe in more detail.


This category is quite dangerous, since the issue concerns their survival. They will consciously (!) seek to destroy you. It's over not physically, but morally, but there is little pleasant in this. First of all, your image and business reputation are under attack.

What drives them? Fear. Amateurs don't know how to do their job. For example, amateur advertisers, instead of effectively using the advertising budget, simply “master” it, i.e. spend for nothing, amateur accountants, instead of streamlining your finances, create a terrible confusion in them, which leads to violations and problems. Examples can be given for each profession, but I think you have already understood the essence.

As soon as you appear on their horizon, they start to panic. After all, if you are a professional, then against your background they will look like who they really are - scammers. Judge for yourself, how else to call people who draw money, hiding behind beautiful diplomas or “merits”, while not providing you with the product or service that is expected of them? So yes - there will be a battle, which is called not for life, but for death!


This is the most violent category of "rebellious", and the most dangerous, since they have no explainable motives to attack you. Well, or so - almost none. To understand these motives, one must know the nature of madness. Don't worry, you don't have to study to be a psychiatrist! Moreover, they, as a rule, are also dilettantes, who have no idea what mind is, and even more so what madness is (otherwise they at least cured someone, right?).

The nature of madness, back in the 70s of the twentieth century, was quite simply described by the American researcher and creator of the first working technology for working with the problems of the mind, L. Ron Hubbard: THE PERMANENT DECISION TO HARM OR DESTROY."

He also determined that the real crazy people (about 2.5% in society) consider everyone around them to be their enemies, and are convinced that these enemies want to destroy them. So when someone wants to make people more capable or more powerful, they are horrified. Judge for yourself - would you like someone to make your enemy stronger, who wants to kill you? Probably not.

Such people can destroy openly (by attacking, killing, etc.), or covertly, trying to convince you that you are not capable of anything, and it is better for you not to even try to do what you want. This logic is rather absurd, because, following it, we come to the conclusion that the only correct action for you is to lie down and die, because. you won't be able to do anything else. Of course this is not so. However, nothing else can be expected from crazy people.


But what to do about it? Here is the advice of someone who knew this firsthand:

“The right way to deal with such a situation and with such people is to prosper and prosper.

Of course, such people, seeing how someone's life improves, can go berserk and launch even more violent attacks. What should you do? If there is such a need, then you need to take appropriate measures to deal with these people, but at the same time you should not refuse to prosper and succeed in any case, because this is what they want from you.

If you become more and more prosperous and prosperous, these people fall into apathy and may completely abandon their plans” - L. Ron Hubbard.


Of course, everyone is different and has different points of view, and expecting everyone to agree with you is at least naive. But when you see that you are being attacked, at a time when you are striving to do something good and useful (even for yourself), know that you are faced with one of the two types of people described above. If you want, you can collect more data about this person, find out who he is, where he is from, what he has achieved, etc. But, on the other hand, this is not necessary. Be sure to keep going towards your goals, to prosper and succeed.

What do you want! Author: Artyom Kuznetsov