Manipulations from girls

In a relationship, does the girl constantly whine, argue, take offense, get angry, torment with reproaches, make scandals or act up? Congratulations. You have become a victim of manipulation by a cunning girl who twists your balls.

You don't love me! You do not understand me! You offend me! You don't appreciate me! You don't make time for me!

Are you familiar with all this? These claims are the simplest female manipulation in a relationship. Pay attention to what she says. As soon as the mouth opens, it immediately becomes clear what a person consists of. Does the girl whine, act up, make claims and complain about injustice? She exposes the man and the whole world to blame?

The ancient Chinese thinker and philosopher Confucius said: “Beware of those who want to make you feel guilty, because they crave power over you”

Such behavior allows a girl with reproaches and claims to manipulate a partner. If this is lowered, then the girl will continue to do what she wants, and you will run around.

The girl behaves in such a way that the man becomes like her servant or slave. Do it, I'm going there. Do what you're told, or I'll blow your brains out again. Gradually, the girl subjugates her partner, who is weaker morally and is not ready to play such games. Such demands to love a person and to please his inflamed ego are humiliating, but many do not understand this until they find themselves trapped.

Each person is responsible for his own condition. If he is manipulated and twisted as they want, then he himself allowed it. What to do if a girl is always naughty, whines and makes you guilty? Stop reacting to such quirks and girlish manipulations.

Does she act guilty and act up? Ignore, pay less attention, go for a walk with friends, not with her. If a girl is a fool and continues to try to bend by this method, acting on exhaustion and exhausting all her nerves, find yourself another girl. There are a lot of cool girls around who want to please and have sex with you, not your brains.