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Male sexuality: the opinion of girls

What makes a man sexy? Appearance, mind, actions, brutality, ability to make decisions, a rich inner world or a 3-day stubble? The opinion of famous women.

We decided to ask famous women one single question: what makes a man sexy?

Julia Mikhalkova, actress

— A man's sexuality for me is determined by his mind. I don't fall for good looks. I never liked pretty handsome men. Of great importance is the energy and charisma of a man. I can't resist real masculine charm. I find sexy men who prefer action to words. The actions of a man are also of no small importance. Strong-willed and brutal men attract me.

Elena Reshetnikova, host of the "X-version" program

- Only his actions make a man really sexy. Not external data, not a long tongue, but his actions, self-confidence and attitude towards his beloved woman, the ability to take responsibility for the family and make serious decisions.

I love tall brutal men who take care of their appearance, figure, but not to the point of fanaticism. I think that no girl will like a narcissist who spends all day in the hall posting each new relief on Instagram. For me, the sexiest man is my husband, and for many years he has proved it to me. There was not a single second that I doubted him. Men, remember: the most important thing not to do is complain! Women want you to solve their problems, not add your own. Trust me, it's not sexy at all.

TINA, singer

- First of all, self-confidence and the ability to make decisions quickly, including without the woman's consent. Undoubtedly, the responsibility and understanding by a man of his leading role in the family is very convincing. The combination of appearance, inner strength, ability to captivate and charm is very attractive at the stage of selection. In addition to these qualities, I appreciate a sense of humor and talent in men.

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Sasha Savelyeva:

— Rich inner world and 3-day stubble!

Sasha Popova:

- Good perfume, light unshaven and, of course, beautiful manners.

Ira Toneva:

- Smile, hands, brain and vitamin D.

Tatyana Kotova, singer

Sexiest in a man for me it is the eyes, or rather, a look that can tell a lot about a person. I also pay attention to the hands, because it's so nice to fantasize about gentle and passionate touches. Well, the smell! But here it is important not to be mistaken. Eau de toilette can make a man even more attractive and desirable, or it can completely cross out the first impression and even repel him.

Nastya Krainova, singer

A man is made sexual only by his actions. After all, as far as he gallantly and dignifiedly behaves, the woman will be so proud of her man. For me, these are actions, although if he has a beautiful fifth point, then this is a direct victory!

Daria Mironova, psychic

- The sexiest men are smart men. Appearance, neatness, clothes, shoes, which must be clean, are very important. For me, the height of a man is important, the eyes, of course, and kindness! The last one is the most important!

Diana Khodakovskaya, TV presenter

It is important that he knows how to present himself and never boast of what he has: after all, actions about a man speak much more eloquently than any words. Of course, it would be cunning to say that I do not pay attention to appearance. I am attracted to athletic young people, in the image of which there is a slight negligence: a three-day stubble, slightly disheveled hair, simple clothes. If we add to this a sense of humor, gallantry, a deep and confident look and a voice with a hoarseness, then this will be a dream man!