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Male manicure: how to do a male manicure in a beauty salon or at home

Does a real brutal man chop off his nails with an ax, chew with his teeth or file down with a file? In the modern world, neat male hands are already a necessity for business, high society and dating real beauties. How to do a male manicure and how to care for nails?

A man will not look more manly if he has dirty, bitten or unattractive nails. In the modern world, manicure for men is more popular than ever before, and most importantly, not to the detriment of masculinity. This is a great opportunity to get rid of unhealthy nails, tidy up your hands and please girls.

A real modern man has been taking care of his nails for a long time, and also does a man's manicure. But do not think that this fashion is new. Even in past centuries, people of high society were distinguished by well-groomed hands and nails, and people of a lower class were distinguished by rough skin on their hands, uneven nails, burrs and dirt under the nails. Everything is the same in the modern world. If you have well-groomed hands, then you belong to the white collar, businessmen or elite.

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Reasons to do manicure for a man

Manicure has already become not only the prerogative of women, but also men. There are quite a few reasons to get a manicure for a man, because this is an important part of his image and health. Why should you do your own manicure or go to a nail salon?

  • Men's manicure makes nails healthier. From unattractive hangnails to persistent nail infections? Do you really need this? Manicure not only improves the appearance of the hands, but also makes them healthier. Men's manicure will help strengthen the nails and the skin around them.
  • Men's manicure adds to the attractiveness. Time does not stand still, and dirty, untidy and ugly nails will scare away not only acquaintances, but also beautiful girls. Do you think that the beauty will give your dirty and unattractive hands free rein? Until you learn how to take care of your hands and nails, girls won't let you touch them.
  • Men's manicure makes hands look younger. The massage you get with a manicure improves blood circulation. This reduces the signs of aging that the skin on the hands is prone to, which often betrays the elderly.
  • Men's manicure is needed for status. In the world of money, business and power, well-groomed hands are already the norm. You need to do a manicure so as not to look like some kind of dork who accidentally got on the holiday of life.

There are quite a few pluses, if you look at the situation soberly.

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How men's manicure differs from women's

Women like to stand out and be more attractive with a manicure. This is a way of self-expression when the color of the nails matches the clothes or a certain image. Women are experimenting with flowers and decorations on their nails.

For men, manicure means health, grooming, gloss and status. If you have an expensive watch, but unkempt hands, then you destroy your carefully assembled image. With the help of a manicure, a man emphasizes his status and the image of a respectable person, which can be seen even in small things.

Male legs are thicker, stronger and rougher due to the increased content of keratin. Men need regular manicures to avoid unkempt, dry and unattractive hands. If a man does not work with his hands, then the nails can keep a healthy look longer.

Men have a lower pain threshold, and they also need to do manicures more quickly, due to the impatience of men.

The main difference between men's and women's manicure is the absence of decorative nail design. If ladies experiment, chasing fashion trends in women's magazines, then men stop at an inconspicuous and unobtrusive manicure.

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What you need to know about men's manicure?

How is a man's manicure done in a salon? Which nail salon or nail salon to choose? Look at the reviews and services provided. Modern beauty studios willingly book appointments for men, and qualified specialists can easily cope with men's hands.

What manicure should a man choose? The specialist will usually tell you which manicure is best for this man, depending on the condition of his hands and nails: classic, European, French or SPA manicure for men.


How long does a man's manicure take? Usually about 20-30 minutes. If there is a lack of time, then you can immediately make two hands and two masters.

How much does a man's manicure cost? It all depends on the salon and the city. Usually men's manicure is slightly more expensive than women's, due to the larger size of the hand and nails.

How often should I get a manicure? In an ideal world, this should be done once every two or three weeks. That will allow you to have constantly well-groomed and beautiful hands.

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What manicures are available for men?

There are many different types of manicure. Usually, men should start with the classic, but gradually everyone moves to French or entire SPA procedures.

Classic cut manicure for men

This type of manicure is well suited for men who have very neglected and rough hands, completely ignorant of manicure. The procedure begins quite habitually, when the brushes are steamed in a warm bath for a while. This helps to soften the skin and nails of a man, for further processing. After the master removes the cuticles and trims the burrs, bringing the hands into a presentable and attractive appearance.

European manicure for men

This type of manicure is suitable for those men who have neat, sensitive and gentle hands. If a man has rough hands, then such a manicure does not suit him, but it is better to use the classic one. In a European manicure, the nails are not soaked in a bath, and the cuticles are not trimmed. The periungual skin is softened with oil or gel, and then moved with a soft stick. For 3-5 sessions, you can significantly improve the condition of the nail plates. European manicure is considered the most pleasant, comfortable and even safe.

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French manicure for men

Do men's manicure and nail polish go together? Come on! Many men are even afraid of the word lacquer, although it helps to keep nails healthy and avoid various diseases. Often a French manicure will be good to bring back the natural healthy color of the nails and hide the yellowed nails of smokers. French manicure helps to hide nail defects and various bundles. Men make a colorless coating that makes them healthier and gives a nice presentable look.

Hardware manicure for men

When a man has deformed, ribbed or damaged nails, sometimes it is good to do a hardware manicure. With the help of a router, the shape of the nails is corrected, and the surface is polished. Men's nails are thicker, and therefore perfectly tolerate this cosmetic procedure.

SPA manicure for men

There is a special SPA manicure, which is sometimes called Japanese. This is the most complete and combined approach to hand treatment. Here you can truly relax and unwind while your hands are being cared for. Manicure can be done according to the classical or European technique, depending on the need. In addition, hands are treated with peeling and a paraffin therapy session is performed. Upon completion, the client receives a massage with hand moisturizing and oils. Japanese manicure involves additional processing with natural preparations so that the hands remain healthy and attractive for longer.

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What do you need for a DIY manicure?

Men do not always have enough time or desire to visit a beauty salon for a manicure. Therefore, many men independently desire it at home in order to give their hands a healthier and more attractive look.

In order to treat a man's nails himself, you need to purchase some manicure tools. The first four points are mandatory, and the last four are optional and financially feasible. The following nail tools should be purchased for a top-notch male manicure:

  • Sharp nail scissors, straight or slightly rounded, to remove burrs.
  • Orange stick, scraper (pusher) or hatchet spatula.
  • Rough sanding file with 100-120 grit.
  • Soft nail file to remove uneven nails 300-400 or file from 900-1000 for polishing.
  • Cuticle softener.
  • Colorless polish if you want to do a French manicure.
  • Means to facilitate the removal of cuticles from men's hands (Cuticle Remover).
  • Nail Booster

After stocking up on everything you need, you can start men's manicure.

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How to do a man's manicure at home at home?

Doing a manicure for a man himself is quite simple, the main thing is to have a little patience and desire, because there are many advantages for this. Over time, you will learn how to do your manicure faster than the first time. If you are too lazy to do it yourself, then you can go to nail salons or ask your girlfriend to work a little as a manicurist. But if you are determined to do it yourself, then here is an instruction for a male manicure. At home, it is better to do just a classic edged manicure.

1. Steam the brushes in the bath

You can do a manicure immediately after a bath or shower, or you can make a special bath for manicure. Brushes and fingers should be kept in warm water for 15 minutes to prepare the skin and nails for a better treatment. Essential oils (aroma oils) or sea salt can be added to the water beforehand. It has a beneficial effect on the skin and nails. If this is nothing, then you can make a nail bath simply from a soapy solution.

2. Deal with the cuticles

Depending on what you bought, you should remove the cuticles or move them with your nail. Softened skin should allow you to quickly bring the skin around the nails in order. If desired, excess skin can be trimmed with cosmetic scissors. There are also tools to facilitate the removal of cuticles from men's hands (Cuticle Remover).

3. Cut your nails with nail scissors

Men's manicure is usually conservative and simple. Men's nails should be made in a classic shape, slightly rounded, which is usually called the word "smile". Cut male nails to the required shape, but do not lower the smile line too much so as not to spoil it. Try not to cut the nail too much on the side so that it doesn't dig into your finger. What to choose the length of the nail? Nails that are too short dig into the skin, and nails that are too long interfere with a man's comfortable life.

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120. File the nail at a right angle to the nail and move in the same direction. This will avoid delamination of the nail plate.

5. File your nails with a high abrasion file

Use a soft, high abrasion file to remove any unevenness and defects from the nail. To do this, you need an abrasiveness of 300-400, and using a nail file with 900-1000 for polishing and giving a healthy shine to the nails.

6. Cover your nails with colorless varnish

If you want to give yourself a real French manicure, then cover your nails with colorless varnish. This will keep the quality of nails at a higher level and for a longer time. The girls will definitely replace it and appreciate it positively.

7. Apply products and massage your hands

You can apply Nail Booster to make your nails healthier and stronger. Apply natural men's lotion to hands to soothe treated skin. Then lightly massage your hands to improve blood circulation, give health and keep your hands young.

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Reviews of men about men's manicure

What do men think about manicure? Usually it is condemned by those who have not known its joys and advantages. Women always have a positive attitude towards men's well-groomed hands, because such hands can be used anywhere. We interviewed several people for whom a male manicure is a common procedure.

Sergey: “The first time I went for a manicure with a girl I had been friends with since childhood, who persuaded me to try it. I got a french manicure with a coating. Did the surrounding people pay attention to the manicure? Only girls notice, because they always have a sharp eye for such things. I started doing it a couple of years ago, when I was looking for a girl, and now I do it out of habit, because I have already found a wife.”

Nikolai: “I have long been an entrepreneur who simply has to look perfect. In the business world, well-groomed nails are not a whim, but part of the male image. People from high society and businessmen always have well-groomed hands. I’ve been doing men’s French manicure for about five years in a beauty salon, which I don’t even pay much attention to, because I do a whole complex of care.”

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Fame: “Doing a manicure in a salon is too unusual and embarrassing. I do a manicure myself, that I have already learned how to do it quite quickly and efficiently. I usually do it when taking a bath, when I get bored of sitting in it. How do people feel about it? Girls pay attention that I have well-groomed and beautiful hands. Usually this plays a role, because it shows me not as a hard worker from a factory, but as a work of the mental sphere.

Vasily: “I never did a manicure, but just trimmed my nails as needed. Now my wife does my manicure when we watch series or movies together. She cuts, files and processes. Manicure makes the most ordinary classic. Now I myself remind her to give me a manicure.

What do you think about men's manicure and do you do it?