Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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male inner rod

In addition to the rod that you put in pretty girls, there is another one that everyone forgets about. But it is this core that will help achieve everything that a man wants from life: money, power and women. In any field of activity, from career to personal relationships, a core is important in a man.

What is the male rod? This is a character trait that characterizes his resistance to external influences.

The core of the man is perseverance.

Most people fold after the first loss. Another part after the second or third. Winners never fold. But this does not mean that they break through the walls with their foreheads. People with a rod get up from their knees after each fall. They continue to move forward despite the difficulties and obstacles.

People without a backbone give up as soon as they try. But no one succeeded the first time. Not athletes, not businessmen, not even playboys. Everyone was defeated, but they knew how to learn from this experience.

You can sit down, drop your hands, start complaining about life and the injustice of this world. But who needs the tears of weaklings and losers?

The male core is perseverance in achieving goals. Plans and methods may change, but not the desire to emerge victorious.

Do you have a male core or are you one of the weaklings? [eight].